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Actor Anupam Kher will be hosting the premiere of his first film as an actor, Mahesh Bhatt directed, Saaransh at BIG Cinemas Metro on Sunday 24th May, 2009 in association with his acting school ‘Actor Prepares’ and ‘Metro BIG Cinemas’.

Saaransh will be completing 25 years on May 24th. Back then it was released in Metro theatre now re-branded as Metro BIG Cinemas. Anupam Kher will relive this moment with his co stars from the film Rohini Hattangadi and Soni Razdan and director Mahesh Bhatt, who will also be present at the premiere along with many friends from the industry.

Getting nostalgic Anupam Kher says, “On 25th May 1984 my first film Saaransh released. I was a new comer. Now, 25 years later, I still feel like a new comer. To celebrate my highs and lows of these years, I thought it would be great to relive the moments and the audience reaction for my first film Saaransh. In 1984, the film released in Metro, so we thought it would be nice to premiere it here only.”

Edited that time by today’s popular filmmaker, David Dhawan Saaransh had released on 25th May, 1984. Back then, the film’s premiere could not be organized due to unforeseen circumstances. The film was India’s official entry to the Oscars in 1984. Saaransh established Anupam Kher as a great actor. Ironically, Anupam played a stubborn old man in his very first movie. Saaransh is a story of an old couple living in Bombay, coming to terms with the death of their only son, who is killed in a mugging incident in New York. The most touching and memorable moment in the movie is when Anupam Kher’s character haggles with the customs officials to get his son’s ashes.


There is no SRK in Dhoom3


Well all our hopes to see SRK as the new stylish theif in Dhoom3 has been crashed,as Yash Raj studios have ruled out the fact that SRK is working in Dhoom3 as baseless rumors.

VP of YRF, Rafiq Gangjee, “This story is completely untrue and baseless. We have no idea where this rubbish originated but like all wildfires has spread rapidly.”

According to a recent rumor which read, “Shah Rukh had been approached by the banner to play the main villain in the most successful franchise of Bollywood - the Dhoom series - and he has immediately given the nod. Last few days there has been a lot of buzz that Saif Ali Khan has signed the dotted line for the same role but it seems they were just plain rumors.”

:( Really wanted to see SRK as the next hero in Dhoom3, now since he is not part of the flick anymore, who do you think should be the next theif.


When Katrina was stalked


It was horrible for Katrina Kaif few days ago, first the news about Salman throwing her stuff outta his home and then a stalker who managed to get to Katrina’s home twice inspite of the security outside the building.

A close buddy of Katrina says, “The man had been constantly hanging out outside Katrina’s building but no one paid any attention to him. But, a week ago he went up to her house early in the morning and told the domestic help that Katrina had summoned him. It was 7.30am and as Katrina was asleep, the domestic help called up Katrina’s business manager, who asked the man to come back later in the evening.”

The man came again to Kat’s home in the evening and met her manager and he realized that there was something wrong with the way the stalker behaved and he immediately reported it to the nearby police station.

A source says, “The police acted promptly even though they were unaware that the call had come from Katrina’s manager. Meanwhile, Katrina has had a word with the building authorities and the security has been beefed up to ensure that the unpleasant incident isn’t repeated. Incidentally, the stalker was seen outside her building even after the police warning, but he left on noticing the increased security.”

Katrina Kaif’s business manager also confirmed the new


Imran-Sonam sizzle on Filmfare


Check out this new hot Filmfare cover - two new hotties Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor looking hot..Love this cover! You like?


Salman: Bebo dont lose more weight


Salman Khan enjoyed his stint with the two lovely Kapoor ladies on the first episode of season 2 of Dus Ka Dum.

Salman advised Kareena, “Be careful not to lose too much weight. Men like women with some weight.Women who lose too much weight begin to look hard in the face and that’s not attractive. Don’t stand in front of a fan. You might just fly away.”

Kareena however took it sportively, but Salman went on and on praising elder sister Karisma Kapoor for her fab figure and also talked about their flop and hit movies together, saying, “One film with me turned her career — she became a big star.”

Don’t forger to watch this episode!


Kareena respects her past


Kareena Kapoor has revealed that talking about Shahid doesn’t embarrass her because she and her current beau Saif respect her past.

On asking wether she gets uncomfortable because of Shahid talk and she says, “Not at all! And that’s because I respect my past. Both Saif and I respect my past. Shahid is a wonderful human being and it’s extremely sad that things couldn’t work out. I don’t think that there’s anything much to say, but the fact is that I’ve been left with some wonderful memories. I’ll cherish them forever.”

And Bebo do you respect Saif’s past?


Ash shines on L’Oreal


Check out this recent L’oreal ad for Glam Shine 6 featuring Aishwarya Rai. Well why do they always use the same photo of her’s for every L’oreal ad?


SRK on the sets of My Name is Khan


Check out SRK at the sets of My Name is Khan with director Karan Johar. He plays a person with a mild mental disorder who is suspected of having a hand in 9/11 World Trade center attacks.


Salman did not dump Katrina


Well there was a buzz doing rounds last week that Salman in full rage had thrown Katrina and her stuff out of his home after he caught her red-handed texting some romantic messages to her New York co-star John Abraham, however the rumor was a full blown lie.

A startled Katrina says, “I’ve no idea where this story started from, but Salman was very angry and he was ready to clear the air with the people who started it, but they didn’t come on the line. So obviously, someone’s up to mischief.”

Katrina adds, “What stuff of mine has Salman thrown away?I haven’t given him any gifts till date. And all my other personal stuff is still lying around in his house, intact. Most importantly, my photographs are still hanging on the walls.”

Talking about John she says,“John was a sweetheart, we enjoyed each other’s company. There are some friendships that are carried on even after the film is completed. But John and I never became that kind of friends. The SMSes were old ones, not new. All this is rubbish.”

Well it’s good that such rumor has gone down the drain.


SRK gives way to Shahid Kapoor as the new ‘Raj’

With SRK adding years, he no longer seems to fit into the romantic Raj image of the Yash Raj camp. So, Yash Raj Films have very wisely decided to move on and have have wasted no time in zeroing on their new Raj - chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor. The Yash Raj camp sees Shahid as the classic romantic hero who has the potential to turn on the sexy or rugged vibe when required.

So, now we have Shahid Kapoor working on two Yash Raj projects in a row- One is Anurag Singh’s ‘Hadippa’ opposite Rani Mukherjee and the other is Parmeet Sethi’s untitled flick where he is paired opposite Anushka Sharma.

SRK gave us some most memorable movies as the Raj of the Yash Raj camp. How far Shahid Kapoor does justice to Raj, only time can tell.


Kay Kay Menon turns down Mallika’s offer

Such is her airs that not many men in Bollywood can say no when Sex kitten Mallika Sherawat asks for something. Even Big B couldn’t say no to her when she offered to go for jogging in slow motion on National Television.

But finally one man has emerged to have guts to refuse her. Apparently, it is Kay Kay Menon who turned down the role that Mallika offered him in her home production Hisss.

Mallika and Menon have already worked in Sanjay Chhel’s ‘Maan Gaye Moghal-E-Azam’ and in her promotional interviews for the film she openly praised his work. So, when she came upon the question of an actor for an important and intense role in her film, naturally Kay Kay’s name cropped in her mind. She then sent her team over to him with the script.

However, after few days Kay Kay called Mallika and refused the offer saying that the script was definitely interesting and that he was confident that she would make a good film but he cannot see himself in that part that she has offered him in the film.


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