Salman hires a chopper for Kareena

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kareena, Salman

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan made special arrangements for a chopper for his co-star Kareena Kapoor while shooting for Main Aurr Mrs Khanna when he found that the actress was running late for her next shoot. Directed by debutant Prem Soni, the film revolves around the theme of an extramarital affair and is a joint venture between Sohail Khan Productions and UTV SpotBoy Pictures.

“When anybody is a part of Sohail Khan Productions, Salman Khan takes full care of the actor. The artiste is under his wings… Kareena had to reach another important shoot that day but did not know what to do,” said a source from the production unit. “Salman instantly made arrangements for a chopper for her.

It was thanks to his timely arrangement that Kareena could make it on time for the other shoot,” the source added.Releasing October 16, the movie also stars Sohail Khan.


Shahid Kapoor wants link up with Rani

Shahid Kapoor, Rani

What is cooking between Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee ? Nothing. Shahid has been linked with his co-stars from Amrita Rao to Vidya Balan to Priyanka Chopra , so, he is surprised with the indifferent attitude of the rumourmongers this time. He just can’t believe that he has not been linked to Rani, his co-star in Dil Bole Hadippa.

Shahid said that both he and Rani are amused with the fact that the media has not linked them in spite of their on-screen romance. Meanwhile, he had fun working with her. He said that it was great to play her hero, considering that he acted with her in an ad years ago when she was already a big star.Besides Dil Bole Hadippa, produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Anurag Singh, Shahid has a string of films on hand.

Chance De Dance with Genelia D’Souza is scheduled for release in November and then Paathshala will follow. He is currently shooting for another Yash Raj film directed by Parmeet Sethi and then he will take up his father’s film. Watch out for more from Shahid. It’s just the beginning!


John Abraham hit hard by economic recession

John Abraham

Thanks to the recession, John Abraham’s film, which was to be directed by Sabal Shekhawat and produced by Indian Films (Studio 18), has come to a halt. Studio 18 has backed out ofthe film giving recession as the reason for doing so.Whilethe filmhasn’t been shelved because both John and Sabal are very keen on doing it, though they are not sure when the movie will start filming.

Studio 18 felt that the budget of the film was too high for recessionary times and that they should bring it down.But Sabal wasn’t ready to do so. John too, is supporting Sabal (Sabal is the director who gave John his first modelling break). They have even decided on Turkey as their location for the shoot and a new producer is keen on doing the film .


Salman referred to as Shahrukh!


This perhaps can be the worst possible case of mistaken identity for Bollywood actor Salman Khan when someone referred to him as Shahrukh. Salman who is busy promoting his movie Wanted could only manage a laugh when he was referred to by his arch rival’s name. The incident happened when Salman visited the Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai to spend time with children suffering from cancer.

A junior doctor who was addressing the event mistook Salman for Shahrukh and said “May I please request Dr SD to give Shahrukh a bouquet.” The entire gathering lay stunned at this with the senior management at the hospital feeling embarrassed.

Salman laughed off the incident and said that he was happy that the doctor was concerned with his work and nothing else in life.


Ghajini maker ropes in Hrithik


Allu Aravind who delivered the biggest hit of 2008, Ghajini, is apparently planning his second Hindi project already. This time he wants to remake his own Telugu blockbuster Magadheera for which he plans to rope in none other than Hrithik Roshan. A little birdie tells me that the filmmaker is planning to approach Roshan and ask him to portray the role played by Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Teja in the Telugu original.

Now, Allu Aravind’s Magadheera happens to be the costliest Telugu movie ever made with a budget of over Rs 40 crores. Being the first high budget film to be made in the Telugu film industry, Magadheera was released in almost 1200 screens across 14 countries on July 31, 2009. And that’s not all. The movie had collected a sum of Rs 22 crores during its first week run and had a total collection of Rs 47.08 crores.

Will the film do as well in its Hindi version? Will Hrithik be able to pull off an Aamir? Well we can only wait and watch!


Bipasha Basu avoids sitting on John’s bikes


Men are always known for their obsession with their petrol fed two-wheeler pets. There is some instinct in them that snaps up if any small bit changes in their bikes. So much they won’t even mind hurting their beloveds. A die-hard lover of bikes, John Abhraham won’t have a single moment of peace when his long time girlfriend Bipasha Basu sits on his bike. And for that matter the hot actress even avoids going out with him on his bikes.

John had said, “Bipasha doesn’t like sitting behind me on bikes as I keep complaining about the bike getting scratched or damaged.” Recently, John has been in Delhi, as the brand ambassador of Yamaha Motor, to launch the three new bikes. John is very passionate towards bikes, for he candidly said, “I love motorcycles, I am married to them and I have had a honeymoon period with them. I don’t let anyone sit on my bikes or touch them.”

It is said that he is ardent shopper for helmets and said to have different helmets for different days. Well John hope Bips doesn’t puncture your bike’s wheels someday


Big B gets 2.25 crore per episode for Bigg Boss

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan will be paid Rs 2.25 per episode of Bigg Boss. Previously, it was said that he would be paid Rs 1.25 crore per episode but later he was signed at the big amount. The show will have 84 episodes and he will appear once in a week at the elimination day and also on the special episodes of wild card entries. From this reality show, he will earn a big sum between Rs 30 to Rs 40 crore. “When Amitabh Bachchan was approached for the show, the channel and the production house expected the payment figures to be big,” the source said. “Negotiations started with Rs4 crore per episode and ended at about Rs2.25 crore. The channel decided to invest big money to create maximum buzz.”

Big B is a big name in the industry and so the Bigg Boss producer does not hesitate to pay him the whopping amount. They know very well that Amitabh will mount the TRP of the show thrice than what was before. With this high amount, Amitabh Bachchan becomes the highest paid host.Salman Khan charges 1 crore per episode of ‘Dus Ka Dum’, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar too paid 1 crore per episode for ‘Panchvi Pass’ and ‘Khatron Ka Khiladi’.


Sonam Kapoor talks about losing 90 kg

Sonam Kapoor

The Saawariya actress Sonam Kapoor now looks slim and trim but you won’t believe that earlier she weighed 90 kilos. How did she lose weight and acquire the well toned figure and what humiliation she faced due to the excess weight is the theme of Farah Khan’s chat show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’. She divulged those secret to Farah and shares the same weighty issue with another celebrity Karan Johar. Add to the woes, Karan Johar also weighed 120 Kilos. Both Karan and Sonam shared how they faced the pressure of the society due to their physical appearance. They revealed how during childhood they used to eat things which their mother abadoned. Their schoolmates used to tease them due to over weight.

Sonam says, “I was depressed when I went to boarding school at the age of 15. I was the only Indian girl in my school in Singapore. There was plenty of junk food and mum had stopped all chocolates at home. Here, I was free and ate; though it was comfort eating and I also gained weight due to hormonal imbalances. I went from 50 kilos to 90 kilos in jus 4 months. I gained 40 kilos. I used to eat 1-pint ice cream, two large pizzas alone and instead of three meals would have 10 meals a day. My mum started crying seeing me.”

Sonam says, “When Sanjay Leela Bhansali saw me, he said that I look like a painting from Ajanta. Don’t lose weight, you have those curves.” And, Farah quips, “Tum Ajanta ki painting thi ki poori Ajanta ki cave thi?”


Madhuri scores over Aishwarya

Madhuri, Aishwarya

Madhuri Dixit was chosen over a pricey Aishwarya Rai to judge a dance reality show. It was a battle between two very popular actresses, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in which the former has emerged a winner. Madhuri has joined several Bollywood stars to judge the reality show, Dance Premier League. Our source associated with the show said, “Madhuri and Aishwarya were both being considered to be the judge for one of the teams. Aishwarya lost out to Madhuri as she quoted an exorbitant amount of money.

The makers of the show couldn’t afford her and the scales tipped in Madhuri’s favour as she had demanded an affordable price.”Madhuri’s manager Riku Rakesh Nath said he could not reveal any details at this stage and said, “The discussion is still on.”However, Danish Khan, VP Marketing of the channel admitted, “Yes, Madhuri has been chosen to represent one of the teams.” He refused to comment on the reason why Aishwarya lost out to Madhuri and said, “I don’t want to talk abut the money involved but Madhuri is definitely on board for Dance Premier League.”

Our source said, “Madhuri was far more affordable is the reason why Aishwarya lost out on the show.”


Million Dollar advice for Deepika Padukone


“My daughter is a broad minded girl,” these are the words of the dusky beauty Deepika Padukone’s father Prakash Padukone. Deepika’s father and Badminton’s one of the greats Prakash admitted in an interview that his daughter Deepika can’t be held back in a home. She is a broad minded girl and doesn’t mind staying out. He says that whenever she comes back home, we don’t talk much about films because we don’t know much about the industry rather we like to suggest her to stay her feet on the ground not to get away with the glamour of Bollywood.

“When she will leave the industry after 10-15 years, she will no longer be a celebrity. She will then be just a normal person and no one will be trying to reach for her at that point in time. The roles she does are pretty down to earth kind of and she seems to be learning a lot from them,” says the badminton legend Prakash Padukone.


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