Sameera Reddy is angry with Gambhir!

>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

IPL sure is a hot subject these days. Half of Bollywood is at the stadiums everyday. Bollywood is such a pleased, harmonious world that our poor stars do not know what mind games are. They don’t appreciate how two opposing captains play these mind games. Oh!
They are such kind souls. Newly, Shilpa Shetty was angry with Gautam Gambhir because he had called Rajasthan Royals an average team! Shilpa Shetty has found support for her team in another South Indian beauty, Sameera Reddy.
“Gambhir’s statement that RR is an average team is not in good taste. IPL is played in the spirit of sportsmanship,” she remarked. speculate if our cricketers would be concerned in a course on sportsmanship by our very own Bollywood stars?


Karan Johar had Shahrukh against Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiot

Karan Johar wanted to make a statement with his latest movie, the SRK starrer, My Name Is Khan. The movie did definitely make waves with the Shiv Sena controversy and the vast opening it got. Comparisons with 3 Idiots were liable since the start. The SRK vs Aamir war had a new chapter to be written.
Though the movie got a vast opening, it fizzled out as the weeks went by and there was consensus in the movie world that MNIK would come nowhere close to 3 Idiots.  MNIK has become the highest grosser in the overseas market beating 3 Idiots.
Karan was quick to tell the world about this. Doubt why he is showing such desperation?Wasn’t this probable considering he had SRK by his side? Wonder what Aamir would have to say about this.


Aamir Khan to host ‘KBC’ 4th season!

Later than Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood’s ‘Mr Perferctionist’, Aamir Khan has been approached to become the next celeb host of India’s popular reality game show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 4.’Even as Aamir Khan hasn’t agreed to the plum offer, the maverick star hasn’t declined it in all closeness. Report has it that the only hurdle in this deal is the price offered to the actor.
It is believed that Aamir Khan has been obtainable a lot more than Shah Rukh (Rs 75 lakh per episode). Talking to a news daily, a close source said, “Aamir’s initial reaction was to refuse the offer for the very reason why he was approached. ‘KBC’ had already been done by two other megastars. He didn’t want to generate needless comparisons. Also he had decided to set aside the entire year to put finishing touches to his productions.”
When enquired, Siddhartha Basu, the ‘KBC’ producer quipped, “It’s too early to talk about the next season of ‘KBC.’ Sony Pictures, who now owns the game show, might have had initial negotiations with Aamir. But the details for the next season will take a long time to prepare.”While Aamir refused to comment, his official representatives are downplaying the rumor by maintaining a still silence.


Abhi keeps Aishwarya updated on his whereabouts!

Even after three long years of their wedding, Abhishek-Aishwarya’s connection is as deep as it appears to be! Although the lovey-dovey couple’s off-screen chemistry has always been extremely much visible during their public appearances jointly, Abhishek was newly spotted going a step ahead to prove his love for sweetheart wife Ash.
According to a news daily, Abhishek, who is known to be one of the most chilled out husbands in B-town, was recently spotted giving a detailed report of how his day is progressing to his megastar wife.Grapevine has it that the actor not just calls Ash at lunch break and tea breaks, but he also discusses with her about the happenings on his shoot.
Well, that’s not all, even during media connections, he doesn’t not recall to inform Ash about the journo he’s finished talking to.Guess, that’s the secret behind lucky Ash’s well-known giggles!


Heated Arguments between Anushka and Shahid

Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor let off steam and lost his calm during the shooting of a special episode of his upcoming film Badmash Company at the Zoom studios previous this week in an complete U-turn of what was meant to be a cheery, fun-filled shoot. Shahid Kapoor was along with Anushka Sharma, Chang and Vir-his co-stars to shoot for the special episode ‘Badmaash Company’.
Debate was going easily with everybody giving their take on the movie, the characters they played and experiences while shooting for the film, until broke lose when Shahid’s honest responses during the interview became painful for his co-stars. The situation went totally out of hand when over the issue of superiority the stars actually got into a heated row.
In fact Shahid  Kapoor stated that the three newcomers took time to get into the groove, at which all his three co-stars reacted very powerfully. First Anushka jumped into the argument between Shahid Kapoor and Chang when Shahid Kapoor snapped at her. Eventually it went to the extent that Anushka Sharma had to ask shahid Kapoor to shut up.
Shahid Kapoor lost his cool and walked out of the show leaving his co-stars totally embarrassed.


Bipasha-John relationship is over

It seems that is the spell of break-ups in Bollywood. After Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu have parted ways. They were touted as one of the best pairs of Bollywood. Marriage was also on the cards. Alas! Luck had some other plans.John and Bipasha were dating each other since 2002.It is believed that since last year, the couple was having constant fights and coldness was the reason, which led to the divide.
Sources close to couple state, John Abraham is known to have a Casanova image.Although earlier Bipasha didn’t bother about it much, it’s believed that off late, Bipasha Basu was getting more and more insecure about John’s playful image. To add to that, John’s pairing opposite Pakhi in Abbas Tyrewala’s ‘1-800-Love’ didn’t go very well with Bipasha.Reportedly, John and Pakhi became very close friends during the shoot.”
Earlier too during the making of Salaam-e-Ishq Vidya Balan and John came close to each other and Bipasha’s uncertainty reached it’s high. Though John somehow salvaged the situation. A common friend of Bipasha and John confirmed the development and said, “Yes, John and Bipasha have broken up.The differences between them were too much to handle for Bipasha who finally broke-up with John.
”Don’t be shocked, today is 1st April and we are just playing pranks on you.


Preity Zinta warnings Yuvraj Singh

A image speaks a thousand words. Preity Zinta, the co-owner of Kings XI Punjab, is obviously not pleased with the lacklustre performance of her team in the ongoing season of Indian Premier League.The most unacceptable has been the miserable show put up by the team’s star players, including Yuvraj Singh who’s not really whacked the ball out of the park as much as cricket buffs, typically Preity, would have wanted him to.
Having won only one game in all they’ve played so far, KXIP is languishing at the bottom of the points table and their hopes of making it to the semis is all but buried.Preity who’s not actually known to lose her cool when the cameras are around, is here clicked rebuking Yuvraj Singh. The well-built young cricketer, however, doesn’t seem to be liking it.
But then, who would?


Director loses 1.5 cr because of Kangana

Kangana Ranaut newly went through a unexpected accident while she was shooting for her movie, ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ in Jalandher. But this accident has burnt a hole in producer Sailesh Singh’s pocket as he has underwent a massive loss of about 1.5 crore for this. Sailesh who was about to insure the film regrets not doing it before. “I should have insured it.
The tragic part is that I had spoken to an insurance agent on March 27 and we were supposed to get the movie insured by end of the week. Unluckily, the accident happened on March 28.”Kangana’s foot was  injured badly and has been advised to follow a total bed-rest by the doctors. The actress is now back to Mumbai.
The month-long program has been cancelled and Kangna’s co-star R Madhavan and Jimmy Shergill were asked to pack up and go home. Shailesh has to work on the combination dates of the three actors and start again the shooting by April 15.


King Khan to stop using SRK Twitter

Bollywood megastar Shahrukh Khan is actually fed up of Twitter. SRK announced some hours ago that he will be closing his Twitter account and today will feature his last only some tweets. The actor mentioned that he hates Twitter and perhaps for clear causes. As you can see from a screenshot of his Twitter Profile above, Shahrukh Khan is soon going to close the IAMSRK Twitter Account.With an ever growing followers list in such a small time, many of Shahrukh Khan’s Twitter followers didn’t expect this on a 1st of April.
According to news, ShahRukh Khan’s mention of closing his Twitter account is not an April Fool joke and he is serious about it. From reports gathered across the actor’s close ones, ShahRukh Khan feels that Twitter is reducing his originality level and he spends much time procrastinating. Ever since the account is a established one, Twitter must be informed of this step.
The account is likely to be deactivated by April 3rd 2010.


Amrita is back in Shahid Kapoor’s life

Many celebs magazines are reporting that Amrita Rao, the bollywood dolly is dating actor Shahid Kapoor. According to the latest reports, Amrita Rao was newly spotted with Shahid Kapoor at a restaurant enjoying a candle light  dinner in Delhi.While we cannot confirm the genuineness of this report, fans of the actress are more than pleased to hear the news as many people think that Amrita Rao and Shahid Kapoor make the best and ideal pair ever.
According to sourse, a celebrity website targeting all gossips of Bollywood, the two actors are more than good associates and in fact share an amazing chemistry that at times even make Kareena Kapoor jealous. Until now we have not heard any official statement from the actors but rumors have it that the two will soon declare their association


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