Amisha Patel turns down Kanav’s marriage proposal

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Amisha Patel

Amisha Patel wants the world to know she is not ready to get married yet. Although she and Kanav Puri are totally devoted to each other, and marriage is on the agenda, it is far from being on the cards. Amisha hadn’t met her London-based beau for the last couple of months and they are working hard at their long-distance relationship. It is believed that her smitten Romeo has proposed to her, the actress has asked for some time to make up her mind. She is very sure that she loves him, but her career is important to her and she wants to concentrate on that. Patel maintains, “We are not planning marriage at all for the next two years as both of us are concentrating on work.

Long- distance relationships are never easy but we are both very supportive of each other’s work and trust and respect each other.The actress stresses that she isn’t ready to retire her make-up box just yet, “Work is my worship. I can’t dream of not being in front of the camera. I’m only married to my work. Marriage is the farthest from my mind. I haven’t seen Kanav in two months and wont be able to for at least another couple of months. But it’s okay. Work first. All else can wait.She says there is no comparison between her personal and professional life, “My career is my oxygen and love is my heartbeat. Both have to be present in my life and both make each other more enjoyable. I think everything in life needs a balance.The couple keeps their special love story through the electronic medium. She says, “It’s fun to e-mail and wait for calls. We also use the Blackberry messenger.

We work very hard so when we get a few days together we value them. We also Skype sometimes. Kanav is in London so, I have no distraction. I can only focus on work. So in a way it’s perfect. Also we are so work minded that the distance doesnt mater. What we lose out in quantity of time spent we make up in quality time and that’s far more important for any relationship to survive.


Akshay Kumar fulfills his 20 yr old dream

Akshay Kumar

When we think of Akshay Kumar, the first thing about him that comes to our mind is his punches and kicks. Akki ventured into film industry with these talents and later he mastered in acting. Action has always been the actor’s first love. Not only in films but in award functions too, he preferred actions more than songs and dances. After completing 20 years in film industry, Akki is again set to live his dream of sponsoring karate. He is all set to sponsor a Karate Championship where the young talents can enhance their skills and abilities not only in national level but internationally.The championship has rightly been termed as ‘Akshay Kumar 1st Invitational Open National Karate Championship’. About 2000 participants will be traveling to Mumbai from across the country.

The championship will be held from 22nd-25th October 2009 at Andheri Sports Complex Mumbai. Says an official connected to the championship, “Akshay has always been passionate about Karate and is especially considerate about the fact that there is so much talent in the country that needs to be nurtured.He was particularly moved by the plight of some really talented athletes who could reach the highest level if given an opportunity but haven’t been able to do so because of lack of funds.With this championship, he wishes to create a platform where young and budding talent from all over India would get together and get into a world class fighting event. This event will also promote Karate and Martial Arts to the remotest corners of the country.


Shahid Kapoor and Vishal almost have a fist fight

Shahid Kapoor

All is not going well on the sets of Kaminey. If insiders are to be believed Shahid Kapoor and director Vishal Bhardwaj had a heated argument which almost went to blows. Shahid has been behaving like a superstar in the movie and throwing tantrums too often. Shahid’s interference with the promotion did not go down well with Vishal and he took a few digs at the actor.Vishal has called in Shahid to his office to discuss and settle the issue regarding the film’s promotion. An heated argument broke out between the two and both the men started screaming and then grabbed each other’s collars.

Bhardwaj’s office assistants had to intervene and separate the two men as neither of them was in a mood to back down.A source in the production crew had said that Shahid is trying to act like as if he were a Shahrukh or a Aamir.Vishal was upset with him as he he was trying to behave like a perfectionist actor on the sets. The movie starring Priyanka Chopra will have Shahid doing a double role for the first time in his career.The crew members are worried as the ego between the two men might hamper the film’s promotion.


Love Aaj Kal grosses 62 crores in opening week

Love Aaj Kal

Eros International, the leading London-listed Indian media and entertainment company has announced an astounding opening for Love Aaj Kal with the film grossing INR 62 crores worldwide in its opening weekend. Love triumphed at the box office with Imtiaz Ali’s take on romance aaj vs. kal (today vs yesteryears) starring Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone opening to rave reviews and audience reactions. The film has grossed over INR 47 crores in India and INR 15 crores overseas.

Love Aaj Kal released across 1800 plus screens worldwide on 31st July 2009 with one of the highest number of daily shows across multiplexes. Love Aaj Kal has done exceedingly well in multiplex cinemas as compared to single screens whereas in the case of Kambakkht Ishq it was the single screens that brought in more audiences after the initial opening. As a feel good romance with some spectacular music, Love Aaj Kal has done exceedingly well overseas comparable or higher than some of the biggest blockbuster of recent times.

Love Aaj Kal marks Eros International’s exciting synergy with Illuminati Films and stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. While enjoying the successful performances of Kambakkth Ishq and Love Aaj Kal, Eros International is now gearing up to release Aladin in October. The theatrical trailer of the magnum opus was unveiled with Love Aaj Kal.


Sameera Reddy fights with Malaysian PM’s guards

Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy who was recently in Kuala Lumpur to shoot for the Tamil film, Asal, with Ajith had a horrific experience with the security guards of the PM of Malaysia. The actress recalls, “I was done from the shoot and was returning back to my hotel. I was in the hotel car park waiting for the lift, when suddenly, I noticed some drama unfolding. I saw 10 security guards forming human chains and ushering someone into the lift. As I entered the lift, all of them followed me with the person they walked in with. Sensing a sensitive issue, I asked the hotel security guy escorting them whether I shall take the next ride up but he said that it was okay.Sameera adds that the trouble started after that. “We reached the main lobby floor and I was moving out when all of a sudden, one of the security guys grabbed my arm and shoved me aside hard. I was shocked that someone had the audacity to manhandle me like that so I pulled his hand off me and asked him what the hell he was doing?

He started shouting at me in Malay and when I screamed right back at him, he got aggressive. Another guard joined in and then, the whole situation got out of control, with both screaming and shouting. They tried to lift me bodily and throw me out of the lift, when the hotel guy finally intervened.The hotel personnel begged Sameera not to upset this important person. Disgusted, she she stomped off from the scene, “I was alone and I didn’t want to raise a ruckus in a foreign land where I didn’t know the language.” The issue could have turned more serious as Sameera later discovered.Sameera laughs, “I was told later that they were security guards of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I was not scared or apprehensive but felt a bit proud that I had taken them on. No man can misbehave with me!

Soon after the incident, she returned to Mumbai but swears she will definitely go back, “I had to come back early for the promotions of my next release Red Alert. I play a Naxalite girl. Shooting in the jungles was a different experience.”


Aishwarya happy with two mega southern projects


Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai is elated over bagging the main leads in two mega south Indian projects – Mani Ratnam’s Ravan and Shankar’s Endhiran. Shankar had approached me previously to work with him, but it never materialised. Finally, everything landed in place and here we are working together after 10 years,” said Aishwarya on the sets of Ravan. Tamil superstar Rajinikant, who is playing the male lead in Endhiran, was also very keen to work with Aishwarya and had tried to sign her for his earlier ventures – Padaiyappa and Chandramukhi, but the actress could not spare the dates.

Speaking about Ratnam’s Ravan, in which she once again teams up with her husband Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya said: “I don’t want to reveal much about it. Working with Mani is always a delight. He is a man of perfection. I am lucky to act in his movies again and again.Aishwarya was earlier seen in Ratnam’s Iruvar and Guru, in which Abhishek was in the main lead.While shooting for Ravan in the jungles of Kerala, the entire cast and crew had a scary experience when an elephant ran amok and killed 51-year-old mahout Andavan.

The actors including Abhishek, Aishwarya, Vikram, Prabhu and Munna had to take shelter in a guest house. According to sources, the film personalities spent the night in the forest guest house and survived on bread and eggs. After 12 hours of tension and waiting, the crew returned to their hotel.Now the cast and crew of Ravan has moved to Ooty where the remaining portions of the film will be shot.


Shahrukh Khan gets nostalgic


SRK gets nostalgic while giving a lecture recently SRK played the role of a quizmaster to host the 4Ps business and marketing quiz DARE 09 and recalled his poverty/kadki days. SRK talking to the students said, ’’I’m the most successful failure. My mother didn’t live long enough to see me become a superstar. Ab pata nahin Delhi mein yeh word use karte hain ya nahin, but there were times jab meri kudki ho gayi thi.

Kudki is when you lose everything and you’re on the road. I equated poverty to failure at one point in my life. I didn’t want to be poor. So I did Deewana, a film that Armaan Kohli had refused. I did Baazigar that my friend Salman didn’t want to do.I acted in Darr because Aamir turned it down and I worked in Dil Aashna Hai because Saif refused it. These films paid well and I was working to avoid unemployment. When Dilip saab (Dilip Kumar) and I were watching my Devdas, I asked him, ‘Why did you do Devdas?

And he said, ‘Pata nahin. Tab ek lakh rupaiya mila tha’. Then success happened… My speech ends. Normally, people clap now.”


Salman’s girl ties the knot!


Well, this pretty actress made a short presence in Bollywood with Salman Khan in Marigold but, gave up soon after the film crashed at the box office. You guessed it right. Bad news for all you Ali Larter fans. The actress has tied the knot with her longtime fiancé, Hayes MacArthur on Saturday, August 1.

The Heroes star reportedly walked down the aisle with MacArthur in Kennebunkport, Maine. Reportedly the ceremony took place outdoors on the lawn. They played Irish music before the ceremony started in honor of the groom’s heritage. Larter walked down the aisle with her dad.

Apparently, it was a lengthy engagement for the couple, who announced their marriage plans in December 2007. Could children be on the way next? The actress told People back in 2007 that they were on the horizon.


Yes I Love Salman: Katrina Kaif

Salman, Katrina

The relationship between Bollywood couple Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan have always provided an opportunity to media to write something about the hot couple.The media goes crazy behind the duo. At present, the rumors regarding their alleged break up hit the headlines. However, the duo regularly confused the media and fans as well by keeping mum on their affairs.

Bringing down curtains on all the speculations Bollywood sizzling diva spoke heart out about her relationship with Salman.But something good is going to happen for Sallu as Katrina admitted dating with him. I and Salman have been in this relationship for the past six years,” Katrina divulges to a magazine.

She further said that they kept their relationship low affair as they don’t want to discuss it publicly. Interestingly, the love-struck Bollywood actors always carry each others snaps. Salman has a life-size poster of Katrina in his bedroom while Katrina carries snaps of Salman everywhere.


Hurman Baweja’s 84 lakh present for his sister

Hurman Baweja

It may seem like an extravagance, but for Hurman Baweja no gift is too great for his big sister Trincy aka Rowena. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan in style, Hurman has booked a brand new black BMW 7 SERIES 730LD, 3000cc car for Rowena at the sweet price of Rs 84 lakh. Says a source close to him, “He can’t wait to see the shine in his sister’s eyes while accepting the gift.” When HT City contacted Hurman, he confirmed the news, adding, “It is a personal gesture and I would like to keep it between me and my sister.While Hurman has grand plans for the day, Mallika Sherawat will be miles apart from brother Vikram Singh, said the actress on Twitter.

My bro Vik is back in India Gonna tie the string around AmeriBro’s hand lol,” tweets Mallika.Priyanka Chopra, who is down with fever, will most likely be unable to spend the day with her 19-year-old brother Siddharth (who left for college in Switzerland earlier this year). Katrina Kaif is currently holidaying with her brother Michael and their six sisters. Recently spotted in Spain, Kat spoke about her brother and said, “It was quite a sight to see six similar-looking women accompanied by one 30-year-old handsome guy, my brother Michael, into restaurants in Spain.

Most likely to be together today are Sonam Kapoor (24), her sister Rhea (22) and their younger brother Harshvardhan (19). For Sonam, Harsh (who is currently learning cinema) is her guide. “Though he is younger to me, he’s correct in what he says. You know how brothers are, they never praise so if he praises me, it’ll be like maybe I did something right.


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