Hurman Baweja’s 84 lakh present for his sister

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hurman Baweja

It may seem like an extravagance, but for Hurman Baweja no gift is too great for his big sister Trincy aka Rowena. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan in style, Hurman has booked a brand new black BMW 7 SERIES 730LD, 3000cc car for Rowena at the sweet price of Rs 84 lakh. Says a source close to him, “He can’t wait to see the shine in his sister’s eyes while accepting the gift.” When HT City contacted Hurman, he confirmed the news, adding, “It is a personal gesture and I would like to keep it between me and my sister.While Hurman has grand plans for the day, Mallika Sherawat will be miles apart from brother Vikram Singh, said the actress on Twitter.

My bro Vik is back in India Gonna tie the string around AmeriBro’s hand lol,” tweets Mallika.Priyanka Chopra, who is down with fever, will most likely be unable to spend the day with her 19-year-old brother Siddharth (who left for college in Switzerland earlier this year). Katrina Kaif is currently holidaying with her brother Michael and their six sisters. Recently spotted in Spain, Kat spoke about her brother and said, “It was quite a sight to see six similar-looking women accompanied by one 30-year-old handsome guy, my brother Michael, into restaurants in Spain.

Most likely to be together today are Sonam Kapoor (24), her sister Rhea (22) and their younger brother Harshvardhan (19). For Sonam, Harsh (who is currently learning cinema) is her guide. “Though he is younger to me, he’s correct in what he says. You know how brothers are, they never praise so if he praises me, it’ll be like maybe I did something right.


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