Shahrukh Khan gets wrinkles

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan’s fans need not get bugged by the headline, King Khan still has one of the best skins in the industry. Shahrukh will be sporting an aged and wrinkled look with a receding hairline in the latest Dish TV commercial.

Shahrukh is paired with Tisca Chopra where he brings home an orphan girl child who settles into the family only after an experience with Dish TV.The 30 Crore ad campaign is a part of Dish TV’s plans to re brand itself where it will come with a new logo. Shahrukh had pocketed Rs. 10 Crores for the ad.

The creative idea was conceptualized by Ad industry veteran and celebrated lyricist, Prasoon Joshi and the McCann World Group team. The commercials have been directed by the much acclaimed Bollywood director Anurag Basu.


Madhuri Dixit entering Broadway show!

Madhuri Dixit

It’s been a while since Bollywood’s ‘dhak dhak’ girl Madhuri Dixit was last seen on the big screens but she is still alive in the minds of the people. The good news is that Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan is planning to produce a Broadway show based on historical dancer Amrapali, with Madhuri in the lead role.

Saroj said that they are planning to start a Broadway show based on Amrapali, as she is very famous abroad. He added that Madhuri will play the main character if all goes as planned. The talks are still on. Feroze Khan will direct it and Javed Akhtar will provide the lyrics.

It may be recalled that Saroj was behind Madhuri’s hit dance numbers like “Ek Do Teen” from Tezaab, “Chane Ke Khet” from Anjaam and “Dola Re” from Devdas. He has also worked with Sridevi and Karisma Kapoor.


Ranbir Kapoor loses his temper over Deepika

Ranbir Kapoor

All eyes were on Ranbir Kapoor when he entered Bollywood through Saawariya. The film flopped but his popularity didn’t fall. He was even dubbed cool-headed for being so cool about his relationship with fellow actor Deepika Padukone. But he seems to have run short of patience after their break-up story hit the headlines hard.

Yes, the over-intrusive media seems to have disappointed Ranbir. As if spreading the news of the break-up story is not enough, rumourmongers went on to spread his bid to get ex-girlfriend Deepika back. He recently lost his temper after being repeated asked about his relationship.

Ranbir said that the people are interested in his work and not his personal life. He clarified once and for all that he has not spoken anything about his relationship and would not do so.


Priyanka caught in Amrita’s outfit!

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra was recently caught in Amrita Rao’s dress! No, that’s not quite it. She was caught wearing an outfit similar to one that Amrita wore some days ago. And what’s more –both dresses come from the same designer –Swapnil Shinde.Priyanka wore the outfit for a party on Friday. Meanwhile, Amrita had worn the same outfit on TV ten days ago. Priyanka is probably unaware of the goof-up.

Swapnil confirmed that the outfit that Priyanka was wearing was by him and that she had liked it a lot, as her stylist called him up to tell him that she was complimented for that dress a lot. He also added that Priyanka called him up asking him for an outfit and he had about three or four gold outfits ready. He confirmed that even Amrita’s outfit was by him. But he denies the outfits being the same. He simply states that the outfits have a similar design.

Now, we’re not so sure this is going to go down very well with Priyanka, even though she hasn’t commented on the issue.Amrita remarked that Priyanka probably was unaware that they both had the same outfit or even if she knew, it didn’t matter to her as she looks like a diva, no matter what’s she’s wearing.


I am happy with my breakup: Deepika

deepika padukone

After her much publicised break-up with Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika hasn’t spoken about their relationship publicly. Recently, the actress was present at the launch of Neutrogena Fine Fairness’ at Grand Hyatt Mumbai when media persons seized the opportunity to assail with lot of questions connected to Ranbir Kapoor and her breakup.

Deepika was asked about her plans with the RK tattoo on her back but the actress chose to remain silent on issue. Another question that followed was, “Is the brand coming out with a cream that will erase your tattoo?” At this stage Deepika started fidgeting and fuming with anger but she still let her silence do the talking.

The actress however erupted when a journalist asked her “Are you happy after your break-up with Ranbir?”. An fuming Deepika replied “Of course, I am happy. Don’t I look happy?” The press meet came to an end shortly as Deepika wasn’t interested answering any more questions. Deepika quickly made an exit through the backstage.


Priyanka Chopra bags Miss World again

Priyanka Chopra

Nine years after our very own Bollywood sweetheart Priyanka Chopra sashayed her way to winning the Miss World crown, she is going back to that arena, but this time, to judge. Not bad, huh! Ecstatic about this invitation, she reportedly said that she has come a long way after standing on the Miss World podium as a teenager, vying for the crown. Now, of course, it is going to be a different story.

Even after What’s Your Rashee bombed at the box office earlier this year, Priyanka is one of the top sought-after actors in the industry, giving tough competitions to Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. The upcoming year 2010 also seems be going extremely positive for her, as she waits for Pyaar Impossible to hit the theatres.

Apart from that, she is also working on Anjana Anjani with Ranbir Kapoor and Don-2 with Shah Rukh Khan. For now, let’s see how the Miss World 2000 judges the Miss World 2009 hopefuls. All the best!


Aishwarya Rai to Play old lady

Aishwarya Rai

If Amitabh Bachchan has shown the way, could bahurani Aishwarya Rai Bachchan be far behind? Big B pulled off the role of a 13-year-old kid suffering from progeria for his Balki directed film with a unbelievable transformation through prosthetic make-up and now Ash in her forthcoming Vipul Shah movie Action Replay is going through an equally elaborate makeover to look like an old lady for some scenes.Apparently even Ash is being given her look by well-known Hollywood make-up artists and the process takes between 4-5 hours.

While Amitabh’s Auro was perfected by Christien Tinsley (The Passion of the Christ) and Dominie Till (The Lord Of The Rings trilogy), Ash is getting help from Paul Pattison who has earlier styled Mel Gibson for Braveheart and Tom Cruise for Mission Impossible.An insider discloses, “The film is most probably about time travel and Ash will be seen playing an old lady in a portion of the movie. She had to patiently give over four hours to get the desired look — which took many prior sittings just to be finalised.

It was an everyday ordeal to first put on and then remove the make-up. Bachchan too went through a similar experience. But Ash was on time regularly for these sessions.” Confirms Vipul Shah, “Ash is playing an old lady in a portion of the film and she did have to spend around 4-6 hours everyday for the make-up, but she was extremely cooperative. It’s a look people have never seen her in before — it’s our USP and a big secret.” Advertisement


Is Big B overloading on work?

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s workaholism is well known. Little wonder that he dozed off at a felicitation ceremony in Chennai.Amitabh was at Satyam cinema where he was honoured by the film federations of Chennai. Extreme exhaustion caught up with the 67-year-old veteran when he fell asleep before the ceremony Saturday and woke up thoroughly disoriented, not knowing where he was.Director Balki who was with the Big B, says: “He was fine. He finally had some sleep. You’ve to understand that this is no ordinary human being. Amit ji is a miracle. He can continue working non-stop without sleep.”

At the end of the evening, the Big B had 24 shawls to bring back – though he had gone with only a day’s baggage. When asked what he would do with the massive haul of 24 shawls, the Big B replied: “I’ll give them away to the needy.”But the shawls were the least of his burdens in Chennai.Says Balki: “Last week, he was running around getting the Paa premiere in place. Then on Friday morning, he left to shoot for Bigg Boss without any sleep after the premiere. After shooting the entire day in Lonavala, he attended the Bombay Times party and then on Saturday early morning he left for Chennai. At an age when a lot of us will be in a rocking chair he is still rocking.”

But those close to Amitabh feel he is again overdoing his work schedule and needs to slow down. Says a person close to him: “Even after two major health scares recently, Amit ji has refused to slacken his pace. Except for the break he took to be with Amar Singh in Singapore earlier this year, he has been working round the clock.”


Will Deepika get rid of her Ranbir tattoo?

Deepika Padukone

Juicy Mausi is rather amused by this one. There was a time when the presence or absence of an engagement ring on a star’s finger made all the news. Now, it’s tattoos which decide whether a star couple is dating or not.And so it happened at an event that Deepika Padukone, who is fresh from her break-up with hot Ranbir Kapoor, was asked uncomfortable questions by the media – the best one being what she’s gonna do with the famous ‘RK’ tattoo on her nape.

Already a little awkward with break-up questions, Deepika chose to remain silent. After all, silence is golden. But not for the journos. They persisted with merciless questions, and the actress understandably snapped back. Poor Deepika! Methinks she should chill out a bit, and do what her Love Aaj Kal character did – have a break-up party! That should heal some wounds.


Jiah-Genelia war hots up!


After Katrina and Deepika, Genelia D’souza and Jiah Khan are the latest pretty girls in Bollywood who don’t get along.A source tells us, ‘It is only natural that Genelia and Jiah don’t get along because Jiah was originally supposed to do Chance Pe Dance. She shot for it but was unceremoniously replaced by Genelia D’souza because Shahid and Ken weren’t very happy with her behaviour on set or performance. So it is natural for her to harbour hard feeling towards Genelia. Shahid hasn’t said anything about Jiah and used to keep a distance from her on the sets but he is all praise for Genelia, whom he calls G. He has also said that he and Genelia make a good pair.All this hasn’t gone down well with Jiah who was left along to sulk.’

The source adds, ‘This isn’t the only reason why Jiah has problems with Genelia. Jiah’s role in Ghajini was unfairly edited, so she felt she got a raw deal after tom-tomming about bagging such a big film. She felt insulted. It was Aamir who would have put his foot down regarding retaining her role but he didn’t. On the other hand, Genelia had a very meaty role in Aamir Khan’s Jaane Tu yaa Jaane Naa, though the film was supposed to be a show reel for Imran Khan.Clearly, Aamir favoured Genelia as he helped her buy a flat in Mumbai, took care of her, and unlike Jiah, who he romances in Ghajini, went out of his way to support Genelia in a film where she starred with his nephew.’ Poor Jiah hardly has any friends in Bollywood and she hasn’t had an easy run.

What’s worse is that she isn’t media savvy. Miss Khan was replaced by Dia in Tumsa Nahin Dekha, her debut film Nishabd flopped; she was shortchanged in Ghajini and then dropped from Chance Pe Dance. She only has Sajid Khan’s Housefull coming up in which Deepika and Lara are the other heroines. Reportedly, they ostracized her on the sets. Ken Ghosh said, “Jiah did not fit the part in CPD so she was not taken for the film. She has a three film deal with UTV and she’ll have to sort it with them. Genelia was more suited to my film’s character, so she was taken. There is no scene with Jiah.”


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