Abhishek offered a reality show

>> Friday, July 3, 2009


If reports are true, Abhishek Bachchan will be the latest actor to join the bandwagon of stars who have appeared on or hosted various reality shows. Although nothing much has been said about it, it is speculated that Abhishek will be hosting a reality show, which will be a spinoff of a popular American show.

This is not the first time that Abhi has been offered such a show. Earlier too, he was offered to play the host of a game show where the contestants could win a lot of money. But Abhishek had refused, as there were many other such shows.

He even did not want to be part of any song and dance show and wanted to do something different.
However, he seems to be interested in the present one as the concept is new and it has not been done on Indian television as yet!


Amrita Rao takes a Short Kut glamour

Amrita Rao

Ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra owns the credit for creating many a memorable looks for Bollywood’s leading ladies over the years. Most actresses in the industry swear by this fabric magician and implicitly trust his vision as far as defining their look is concerned. The man responsible in giving Urmila her sex kitten tag in “Rangeela” has in his 15 years worked with various various A-list stars, which include Kajol, Karisma Kapoor, Rani Mukerji and Preity Zinta. The latest star to join this bandwagon is Amrita Rao!

Amrita has gone completely glam in her next outing – “Short Kut – The Con Is On”. She willingly gives all the credit to her favourite designer Manish Malhotra.”Manish knew from day one how he wanted to style me. In ShortKut you will see me in bikini tops, short skirts, big diva-esque hair and sultry eyes. I had a blast trying this look out! We sat over the look for an entire week discussing how we wanted to play it. I’m so happy with the result.

I couldn’t believe the transformation when I saw myself in the mirror,” says Amrita. “Short Kut” will see a worldwide release on July 10, 2009


Katrina’s house barged by intruders


Katrina kaif the beautiful, smart, independent lady of Bollywood who made her own identity in industry, from just being known as Salman Khan’s girlfriend to the top heroines of industry is feeling scared & insecure. Katrina who is currently staying at Waterfield Road in Bandra is looking for another house due to the lax security in her building & increase in the number of intruders barging her house. The most dangerous lady tagged Katrina is feeling danger & unsafey at her own house.Katrina confirmed the news and said, “I don’t feel safe any more. I’m a free-spirited working girl and pretty confident about making my way through the concrete jungle. But when strangers reach your door, it’s time to worry because there’s just me and my faithful maid in the house.

Now the actress wants to urgently move into a place with better security but her celebrity status is getting in way “I’ve looked at a number of places. But the minute they know it’s someone famous, they hike the price. I need to move into a place where I feel safer living alone. No matter what it costs,” said the actress. She even got herself an additional maid with the intention of beefing up security, but even that didn’t work. “The new maid couldn’t get along with the first maid, so I had to ask her to leave,” added Katrina.The actress is now looking forward for her sister Isabel join to her in Mumbai to pursue a career in Bollywood. Katrina said, “But that is still some way off. Isabel is still learning acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute.Atleast then Katrina will have company.

She wants to do Broadway before doing Bollywood. Once she comes to Mumbai, I’ll be fine. Just the two of us in the house together will be fun. I don’t mind living alone except for security reasons.What will Salman do about his lady love’s security & safety is yet to be seen. What about providing her company at her house????


Bollywood ignores Dilip Kumar!

Dilip Kumar

It has been four days since legendary actor Dilip Kumar has been admitted into a suburban Mumbai hospital. Yet no one from the industry – barring Prem Chopra – has paid him a visit. The thespian has been diagnosed with malaria and is recuperating in the same VIP ICU that Shiv Sena head honcho Bal Thackerey was admitted few weeks ago.A source close to the actor reveals that the only person from Bollywood who’s paid Yusufsaab a visit so far is Prem Chopra.Pran who stays nearby also called up,” we are told.

The list ends there. The 86-year-old Dilip Kumar may not have socialised much in the recent past.But he did make it a point to visit ailing co-stars and spend time with the family of his departed colleagues.Dilip Kumar was last seen at the funeral of BR Chopra with his wife Saira Banu. Incidentally, when Amitabh Bachchan was admitted in the same hospital a few years ago, every celebrity worth their salt made their presence felt.

Dilip Kumar who has retired from acting almost a decade ago did however receive calls from Bal Thackerey, a former friend with whom he had fallen out and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.


Saif and Kareena the New Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Saif, Kareena

Watch out Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Looks like lovebirds Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have paired up in soon-to-come Bollywood action film, ‘Agent Vinod.’ The Bolllywood it couple will both be playing spies, just like in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. When we first heard about the film, the female lead role was to played by Deepika Padukone. However, director, Sriram Raghavan denies ever approaching Deepika. Was that just a rumor or did Bebo feel threatened after the new formed friendship between her boo and his latest co-star? Sources report, when Kareena secured her role, she was still not so thrilled because she played a very small role. Since then, Kareena has gained a much more substantial role, assuring her time in the spotlight. Looks like Bebo might be wearing the pants in this relationship.

Saif assured fans, “She does play an undercover agent from another country. Kareena will do everything I do in the film, and she’ll do it even better. She will kick butt better than all the other girls in our industry, that’s for sure.” The couple will be going through rigorous training to get into athletic shape for some hot fight scenes.The good news doesn’t stop there for Kareena! The buzz is that the starlet will be joining Saif’s production house, Illuminati Films, and they will both be working together to produce ‘Agent Vinod.’ Looks like Kareena’s taking some big steps! Sources report Saif said, “We’ll definitely be producing films together. It will give us a chance to grow as actors. She is as much the producer of ‘Agent Vinod’ as I.

We can expect ‘Agent Vinod’ to be released in the next year. Will Kareena be able to prove to us that she earned this role through hard work or does Saif simply melt at her every request? Will the couple ook as good as Brad and Angelina? Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming film


Bipasha Basu loves experimenting

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu believes in trying new things in life, even if it means making few mistakes in the process. I am a kind of a person who likes to try out new things. If you don’t make mistakes, you’ll never have fun,” said the actor who was last seen in the movie Aa Dekhen Zara opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh.

The Bengali beauty who was in the city to promote Reebok’s new workout range said that she follows the same principle when it comes to her fitness regime.”This workout is fun and I love experimenting.This gives the sensation of flying, while it tones and strengthens my body.

It’s a must try,” said the actor. Basu’s upcoming films are Pankh and Lamha, which is being directed by Rahul Dholkia of Parzania fame.


Deepika Padukone gets emotional

Deepika Padukone

Post her dream debut opposite the Shah Rukh Khan in Box Office hit ‘Om Shanti Om’, Deepika Padukone became the overnight cynosure of Bollywood. Just a few flicks old, Deepika is already making waves in B-town and is looked on as one of the most promising stars. Buzz has it that ‘Love Aaj Kal’ being her much-anticipated flick Deepika is desperately waiting for its release.
News has it that Deepika Padukone recently got sentimental on the last day shooting of ‘Love Aaj Kal.’ The long legged actress became so fond of the junior crew that she took the production assistants, assistant directors and costume team for a surprise dinner party.

With fifteen of them visiting a posh Delhi restaurant, known for its scrumptious Italian delicacies, Deepika and the crew-members had the terrace reserved for them.Talking about the impromptu dinner party, Deepika said, “It was a very informal thing. All of us are of the similar age group and we got along splendidly while shooting.” Deepika maintained, “We had been together for so long during the shooting that we had become like a family.

And the dinner was absolute fun. We spent the evening remembering the time we spent together, laughing at internal jokes and spilling secrets. Well, it seems Deepika is truly a magnanimous star sans starry airs!


Salman Khan acknowledges Shahrukh on 10 Ka Dum

Salman, Shahrukh

A pro-SRK statement on Salman’s show? Believe it. Recently Riteish Deshmukh was on 10 Ka Dum, and for the first time after the Salman-Shahrukh fight the host actually acknowledged the other Khan on his show. Riteish stopped after winning Rs 10 lakh and gave away the money to Salman’s Being Human foundation. When Sallu asked Riteish who his favourite actor was, the former said SRK. The host, without blinking an eye, agreed about SRK being a good actor.Says Ritiesh, “Govinda, David Dhawan and I went together on the sets of 10KD and we have never had so much fun! We got along so well that we forgot there were cameras around.” He confirms that when Salman asked him about his favourite actor, he mentioned SRK, “I didn’t get any negative vibes about Shah Rukh from Salman on the show.

He was very cool and dignified and didn’t pass any snide remarks about him. In fact, Salman spoke highly about SRK and his work.Riteish, who had gone to promote his next release Do Knot Disturb, says despite being so close to Shah Rukh, Salman and he share a cordial and warm relationship. “He pulls my leg whenever we meet. I imitated Salman too on the show. I looked at him the way he does with the contestants and said in his voice, ‘Salman, mere saath nahi khela toh kya khela’ He took it in the right spirit.Riteish, who is known as a brilliant mimic, even copied Salman’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s dance steps from Race. He laughs, “It was an impromptu dance which Salman took very sportingly and even complimented me.He started laughing when I started dancing!

They started playing the song ‘Touch Me, Touch Me, Zara Zara Kiss Me and I knew the steps well I had done it at a recent award event too.Even Govinda was a laugh riot he adds, “Though he’s known to be late for events Govinda surprised us all by coming and getting ready before all of us. Salman made us do a scene from Do Knot Disturb, which had everyone in splits.I have never enjoyed myself so much. Salman is an extraordinary host very casual, chilled out and unpretentious it’s almost as if we were sitting in his living room and doing the show!”


Mallika Sherawat’s high demands

Mallika Sherawat

The bold and beautiful, Murder actress Mallika Sherawat is all geared up to sizzle the screen on fire with her latest Hollywood release Hisss with Irrfan Khan. It is heard that Irrfan Khan had clearly said a ‘No No’ to perform certain scenes but the audacious babe Mallika Sherawat didn’t seem to have any problem performing any role for the movie.

However, now it seems like Mallika Sherawat is in the mood of being a little pricey and has chosen to say a ‘No’ to the international music composer Yanni. Mallika Sherawat was suppose to participate in music composer Yanni’s concert in L.A, she said she would participate in the concert only if Yanni composes a song dedicated to her.

Now that’s like a demanding hottie!


First complaint filed against Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Well, yes you read it right! But before you start thinking that after Shiney, it’s Kareena Kapoor’s turn to visit the jail, let us tell you that late producer Jhamu Sughand’s family has filed a complained against Bebo in the IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association) and not in the police. According to Sughand family, producer Jhamu Sughand had paid Kareena a signing amount of Rs 10 lakh in the year 2000 for a film, which she’s been refusing to refund, even though she never started shooting for the film.

A source who works with Kareena said, “Well, yes that’s true. A complaint was filed against Kareena day before in the IMPPA by P J Sughandh Production Pvt Ltd. She’s been a little worried since then. After all, 10 lakh is not a small amount. In fact Bebo also received a letter from IMPPA yesterday about the complaint for her comments. But she’s not in town currently, only once she gets back the matter can be solved. Moreover, Kareena is quite a frank person, if she’d really taken Rs 10 lakh from the producer, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind returning it. I wouldn’t want to comment any further on this.”

Now isn’t this funny? We mean Bebo must be earning a fortune and Rs 10 lakh must be nothing for her. Ohh…but how can we forget? Its recession time guys and Rs 10 lakh means a lot to everyone, especially at this point of time. God alone knows whether Bebo had actually taken Rs 10 lakh or not. But if that’s true, very bad bebo! We suggest you refund the amount before Sughand family files a complaint against you in the police and you land up in jail. Because in jail things could really get ugly for a pretty girl like you.


Celina Jaitley’s Gay love gets her emotional

The Delhi high court judgment of making homosexuality legal on July 2 must have as sigh of relief for many homosexuals out there. However, post judgment one person who could withhold herself for expressing her emotions was tinsel town diva Celina Jaitley.

“With great pride and tears I would like to congratulate the entire LGBT community. Homosexuality is now legal in India. Our long battle is won and with pride can the gay walk with their heads held high,” says Celina.

Under Section 377, a law from the British Raj era says homosexuality and unnatural sex is a criminal act. Decriminalizing homosexuality has come as an amendment of this law. Thus, this judgement has become a benchmark in the history of law.

And yes, let me clarify something else. Celina herself doesnt belong to that group!


Imran Khan to display martial arts in ‘Luck’

Kamal Hassan’s daughter Shruti Hassan is making a grand debut with Soham Shah’s ‘Luck’ where she has been paired against Imran Khan. The film also stars Sanjay Dutt, Mithun Chakraborty, Ravi Kissen and Danny Denzongpa in the main villain’s role.

Imran had shown some action packed sequences in ‘Kidnap’ post his romantic role in ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’, but ‘Luck’ would be an out and out action movie for Imran where he will be seen displaying martial arts.

Imran has just finished his long shooting schedule for the film in Cape Town and the producer had already arranged for his martial arts training sessions long before the shooting schedule. However, Imran had been busy with the promotion of his films and could not go through a proper training. Nevertheless, there was already a special trainer for him on his arrival at Cape Town and Imran left no stones unturned in going through rigorous training in order to get perfection in his action steps. He also worked out a lot on his physique for his role in this particular film. Your browser may not support display of this image.


Ajay Devgan’s generous gift to Bipasha Basu

How far could a producer go in taking care of the wishes of the leading lady of his film? Well, he could at least gift a new mobile phone. This is exactly what producer Ajay Devgan has done for Bipasha Basu who has just finished shooting for Ajay Devgan’s comedy ‘All The Best’ in Goa this week.

Bipasha had worked really hard with most sincere efforts for Ajay’s film. She not only worked late at night and early in the mornings, she also kept the phone switched off during the shooting thus cutting off from everyone including beau John Abraham who has hurt his legs. Bipasha also agreed to do an additional role in ‘All The Best’ without extra charges. When Ajay came to know that Bips wanted a Blackberry phone, he thought it would be just the right move to show his appreciation for her dedication.

Says the actress, “Yeah, Ajay knew I wanted it. In fact it was he who got me interested in. It is actually a gift in appreciation for working long hours and changing at lightning speed between shots when we had loads of work to finish. Ajay is a fabulous producer and co-star.”

Bipasha is all ga-ga for her new phone and says, “I love it! I’m going totally crazy with it. Though I’ve no numbers on it and am trying to figure it out, I just can’t get enough of it.”


Katrina:I don’t need to show leg to win notices


Katrina is riding high after the success of her flick New York and is quite happy with her performance.

She says, “At least they can’t say my latest film is doing well because Katrina Kaif wore a short skirt. I don’t need to show leg to win notices.’’

Katrina doesn’t like when she is called a lucky mascot, she says,“Saying I’m just lucky kind of annihilates all the hard work that I have put into my films.It also derides the capability of my directors. A script makes a film work, a lot of hard work goes into getting the right script, and to just attribute a film’s success to my good-luck is not right.’’

Folks what do you think? Is New York Katrina’s best performance till date?


Deepika blends on Blender


Deepika Padukone graces the cover of latest issue of Blender magazine. It’s a simple cover but I say enough of Deepika now.


Celebs feel happy and gay


Bollywood celebrities are happy that finally Article 377 has been nullified and homosexuality is legalized in India. Check out their reactions

John Abraham:I think it’s a step in the positive direction and I am personally quite happy that the high court has finally given equal rights to everyone — whether he is a homosexual or a heterosexual. I think in a democratic country like India, where right to equality is a constitutional right, it was very important to give homosexuals their due. The government was also very empathetic to the fact that they should be treated equally.

Aamir Khan: I welcome the decision of the Delhi high court in nullifying Article 377. I very much support the right of every individual to live the way that he or she chooses. As a society we should move towards being inclusive and respectful of our differences

Suneet Verma(Fashion Designer):I came out in the open about my sexuality from a young age. I never feared that I’d be ridiculed. How could I say otherwise, when my homosexuality was in my DNA. I meet young people who are similar, on the crossroads of deciding what their sexuality is — I find them easily disturbed, depressed and sad. If they’re not strong, they become alcoholics. They’re scared to face reality

Celina Jaitely:‘I have been receiving threats from radical and cultural groups. But I was simply standing for the fundamental right of a human being, so what if he or she is a homosexual.There are many people in the film industry who are from the sexual minority and they will now be able to come out in the open.Some of the people who have touched my lives were homosexuals. I owe a lot to them.

So folks are you happy with homosexuality being legalized in India?


Imran Khan: Shruti aint my sister


Imran Khan is all set to romance his childhood friend and debutant Shruti Hassan in upcoming flick Luck and both insists they are just good friends.

When Shruti was quizzed whether she took Imran as her brother, she said, “Let’s not get into the brother sister relationships. We have been friends for the last so many years that I have lost count. We are romancing each other in the film so just keep to that. One can’t romance a brother, in fact the thought itself is repugnant.”

Imran also reacted in the same way saying, “Don’t use the word sister, it sounds horrible. We are more of friends. One can’t romance a sister. It’s sounds very repulsive.”

Well Imran’s girl Avantika might not be happy with this statement


Saif to work on his dancing


Saif Ali Khan has finally admitted that he is really bad in dancing department and needs to work on his dancing alot more.

He says, “I guess I was in denial. But after seeing how well Kareena dances and how clumsily I managed some steps for Love Aaj Kal, I made up my mind that I needed to learn the Bollywood dancing.Right after the release of Love Aaj Kal, I’m going to be taking a full course.”

Saif praises Kareena’s dancing skills and says, “She’s very good at dancing. And it’s about time I pulled up my socks. I had to do 75 retakes for one step. I am just fed up of saying I’m a bad dancer and I need to do something about it now. Race 2 will have a couple of really groovy item songs. It is a weakness in my repertoire. “

Saifoo, Bebo also was a bad dancer few years back but ace dancer Shahid Kapoor helped her with Bollywood dancing and now you also need some good female dancer by your side – I recommend Saroj Khan


Aamir & Katrina go classic


Check out this scan from CineBlitz magazine featuring Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif. The photo catches the classic era as Aamir transforms into Guru Dutt and Katrina into Waheeda Rehman. Both look stunning together. Like it?


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