Imran Khan: Shruti aint my sister

>> Friday, July 3, 2009


Imran Khan is all set to romance his childhood friend and debutant Shruti Hassan in upcoming flick Luck and both insists they are just good friends.

When Shruti was quizzed whether she took Imran as her brother, she said, “Let’s not get into the brother sister relationships. We have been friends for the last so many years that I have lost count. We are romancing each other in the film so just keep to that. One can’t romance a brother, in fact the thought itself is repugnant.”

Imran also reacted in the same way saying, “Don’t use the word sister, it sounds horrible. We are more of friends. One can’t romance a sister. It’s sounds very repulsive.”

Well Imran’s girl Avantika might not be happy with this statement


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