Salman Khan acknowledges Shahrukh on 10 Ka Dum

>> Friday, July 3, 2009

Salman, Shahrukh

A pro-SRK statement on Salman’s show? Believe it. Recently Riteish Deshmukh was on 10 Ka Dum, and for the first time after the Salman-Shahrukh fight the host actually acknowledged the other Khan on his show. Riteish stopped after winning Rs 10 lakh and gave away the money to Salman’s Being Human foundation. When Sallu asked Riteish who his favourite actor was, the former said SRK. The host, without blinking an eye, agreed about SRK being a good actor.Says Ritiesh, “Govinda, David Dhawan and I went together on the sets of 10KD and we have never had so much fun! We got along so well that we forgot there were cameras around.” He confirms that when Salman asked him about his favourite actor, he mentioned SRK, “I didn’t get any negative vibes about Shah Rukh from Salman on the show.

He was very cool and dignified and didn’t pass any snide remarks about him. In fact, Salman spoke highly about SRK and his work.Riteish, who had gone to promote his next release Do Knot Disturb, says despite being so close to Shah Rukh, Salman and he share a cordial and warm relationship. “He pulls my leg whenever we meet. I imitated Salman too on the show. I looked at him the way he does with the contestants and said in his voice, ‘Salman, mere saath nahi khela toh kya khela’ He took it in the right spirit.Riteish, who is known as a brilliant mimic, even copied Salman’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s dance steps from Race. He laughs, “It was an impromptu dance which Salman took very sportingly and even complimented me.He started laughing when I started dancing!

They started playing the song ‘Touch Me, Touch Me, Zara Zara Kiss Me and I knew the steps well I had done it at a recent award event too.Even Govinda was a laugh riot he adds, “Though he’s known to be late for events Govinda surprised us all by coming and getting ready before all of us. Salman made us do a scene from Do Knot Disturb, which had everyone in splits.I have never enjoyed myself so much. Salman is an extraordinary host very casual, chilled out and unpretentious it’s almost as if we were sitting in his living room and doing the show!”


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