First complaint filed against Kareena Kapoor

>> Friday, July 3, 2009

Kareena Kapoor

Well, yes you read it right! But before you start thinking that after Shiney, it’s Kareena Kapoor’s turn to visit the jail, let us tell you that late producer Jhamu Sughand’s family has filed a complained against Bebo in the IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association) and not in the police. According to Sughand family, producer Jhamu Sughand had paid Kareena a signing amount of Rs 10 lakh in the year 2000 for a film, which she’s been refusing to refund, even though she never started shooting for the film.

A source who works with Kareena said, “Well, yes that’s true. A complaint was filed against Kareena day before in the IMPPA by P J Sughandh Production Pvt Ltd. She’s been a little worried since then. After all, 10 lakh is not a small amount. In fact Bebo also received a letter from IMPPA yesterday about the complaint for her comments. But she’s not in town currently, only once she gets back the matter can be solved. Moreover, Kareena is quite a frank person, if she’d really taken Rs 10 lakh from the producer, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind returning it. I wouldn’t want to comment any further on this.”

Now isn’t this funny? We mean Bebo must be earning a fortune and Rs 10 lakh must be nothing for her. Ohh…but how can we forget? Its recession time guys and Rs 10 lakh means a lot to everyone, especially at this point of time. God alone knows whether Bebo had actually taken Rs 10 lakh or not. But if that’s true, very bad bebo! We suggest you refund the amount before Sughand family files a complaint against you in the police and you land up in jail. Because in jail things could really get ugly for a pretty girl like you.


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