Why Akshay wanted to party with SRK?

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

Akshay, SRK

When Akshay Kumar decided to throw his first party in Bollywood to celebrate the opening collections of his Kambakkht Ishq, he made it a point to invite Shah Rukh Khan even though the superstar was far away in San Francisco.Yes, I did call Shah Rukh Khan to invite him. When Kareena and I suddenly decided to have a party, we decided we’d invite the entire industry. This wasn’t a party to celebrate our success alone. It was also a party to celebrate the success of New York as much as my own film.So, apart from me and Kareena, the party’s unofficial hosts were Katrina (Kaif), John (Abraham) and the entire New York team,” said Akshay.Akshay has often accused members of the film industry of trying to sabotage his films but he still wanted everyone to come together for the success of two films following a slump.

I want them to celebrate any success and not be happy when films fail. When New York was released, SMS messages against the film were sent out. The same thing is happening with my film. Why be negative? Specially when I’ve always been happy for all my colleagues’ successes?” Akshay asked.”So yes, I personally called up Shah Rukh and all my colleagues for the party. But he’s shooting in San Francisco.There will be plenty more occasions, I’m sure,” the actor said.The party hosted at the Marriott Hotel Monday night was Akshay’s first ever.”I completely shy away from parties.But this time I think we all needed to express solidarity and happiness over the end of the prolonged slump,” he said.

The impromptu party was Kareena’s idea. “We quickly drew up a list. She invited her friends. I invited mine. Then we began making the calls.Then there was Tina (wife Twinkle) who called her friends. That just about covered the whole industry,” Akshay added.And how was the party?No drinking for me. But a lot of dancing. It was a lot of fun,” the star said.


Shahid Kapoor set to flaunt it too

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid has jumped on the shed-your-shirt bandwagon. Trailers of his latest flick ‘Kaminay’ show the actors well-toned abs and biceps. The recent clothes shedding trend among male actors is definitely roping in a lotta girls who just lap in sight of their favs minus the shirts.Shahid is apparently definitely happy to be gaining popularity among the GenNext as his ratings among the college crowds seem to be peaking.

Kaminey will potray Shahid in an enrtirely different image.The character he plays will be young as Shahid apparently is not interested in playing an older character.Ofcourse going by his chocolate-boy good looks, Shahid playing an older chahrecter would be hard to digest.


A chance to meet Saif and Deepika in Cafe coffee day


In tune with the pulse of the younger generation, the makers of Love Aaj Kal believe, that like the young couple Jai and Meera in the film – most youngsters explore love, life and relationships in café’s and coffee houses across the country.Today any youngster will vouch for the fact that very often love blossoms around coffee and good conversation.Keeping this in, the producers of Love Aaj Kal are now reaching out to their target audience- young coffee and tea drinkers with an exclusive tie up with Café Coffee Day.

As a part of this tie up; Café Coffee Day will run a contest, where the winner gets a chance to meet the stars of Love Aaj Kal; Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, over a coffee date at one of the Café Coffee Day branches across the city.Says Dinesh Vijan, producer of Love Aaj Kal…”The coffee house in our film The Chowk is a very significant space in Saif and Deepika’s relationship in the film, similar to the role that places like Café Coffee Day play in our daily lives.

The association between love, romance, and coffee houses is extremely strong and this tie up helps brings our target audience closer to experiencing the romance, fun and good times that Love Aaj Kal is all about.”


SRK in Kabir Khan’s love story!


After two back-to-back films with strife-laden, political themes, Kabir Khan is ready to to let his hair down.His next, which he has just started to script, is a fantasy film with a heavy escapist element. Apparently, Aditya Chopra has asked Kabir to pen his next project with Shah Rukh Khan in mind. So it would be Khan and Khan in the next one.Kabir says, “After Kabul Express and New York, I need to unwind. Not that I don’t enjoy making films on serious global political issues.

I do. I enjoy the reputation of someone who identifies with issues that go beyond entertainment. But I also need to prove myself in a more adventurous, escapist space.That’s where Kabir’s next will score. It will be a film with a serious dose of light-heartedness. My next is going to be a thrilling love story. Now that I’m writing it, I’m having fun.

So will it be a hat-trick with John Abraham? “Not necessarily,” comes the guarded answer. “It will depend on who fits into the final script.”


Asin stalked in Singapore


Recently, a stalker managed to get past security to talk to Asin during her trip to Singapore. He took pictures without her permission and followed her everywhere.Asin was in Singapore when a man, who seemed to be in his mid-20s, kept following her everywhere. The drama unfolded at the hotel where she was staying. He approached Asin to talk to her, without paying heed to the security guards surrounding her.A friend of Asin, who was with her, said, “Before she could react, he started taking her pictures. Suddenly, he started behaving even more strangely. He pretended he was her bodyguard and stopped people from going near her.

During the function, he tricked the security guards at the venue and reached the dining room where Asin was having a meal. “He told the guards that he had come from Indore and wanted to talk to her at any cost. He tried every trick in the book to convince them and succeeded,” Asin’s friend said.The man followed her even when she was shopping at a mall. When she reached the hotel, she saw him in the lobby too.Next morning, Asin rushed out of the hotel and headed straight to the airport for her flight to Mumbai. “She feared that he would be waiting outside the airport, but luckily this time, he wasn’t around,” said the friend.

Confirming the unpleasant incident, Asin’s manager said, “Yes, Asin had a problem in Singapore with a stalker.”Meanwhile, Asin has given instructions to the guards in her building to ensure that the unpleasant incident is not repeated.


Preity Zinta still smiling after break-up!

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is back in Mumbai after a long time. The actress, who has been out of the film circuit for sometime now, has been travelling and spending time with family and friends across Europe and the US. She said, “How nice to know that I was missed. I feel good when people ask where I have been. No, I hadn’t gone for good. I basically follow my heart. If I want to do something, I go for it, no matter what the repercussions. I had been travelling to America, London and Europe for a little less than a month.Preity spent a lot of time with her brother and his daughter in Los Angeles. “I also spent time with my best friend, Shagun Khanna and her daughter in London. Then I was in Europe for two weeks. Most of the Mumbai girls like Malaika Arora, Seema Khan, Surily Goel and Gauri Khan were in London.She then went to Paris with Surily.Buzz is that Preity went travelling to recover from a broken heart.

She laughed, “I needed a break and I took one. Of course, I’ve gone through a break-up, but that’s personal. The only reason I speak to the press about what’s happening in my life is because I’m linked with the wrong men. Now, I want to work so hard that people discuss my professional life rather than my personal life. You can invite people to your home but you don’t take them to your bedroom. I’ve to preserve a certain part of me away from the limelight. Preity admitted that her break-up with Ness Wadia had invited curiosity, considering that they were together for a long time. “But then that’s life. It’s filled with unpredictable twists and turns. I have come out of the relationship smiling. Every experience in life helps you grow. You preserve the positive and move on. There’s no point dissecting it. Everything is so temporary. Even a Michael Jackson dies,” she said.She is appalled by the posthumous indignity that MJ is being subjected to. “That is really heartbreaking. He was a one-in-a-billion entertainer. Why go looking for skeletons in his closet when he’s gone?

Why not celebrate his genius and enjoy his music? If this can happen to Michael then who are we? He gave so much of himself to his art. Finally, what did he get?”Preity is completely at peace with herself. “Either they’re writing about my broken heart or calling me a home breaker. I don’t care. I’ve to live with my conscience. I’ve to look myself in the eye in the mirror. I need my space. For those who want to know how I am, I am fine,” she added.Is she still closely associated with the IPL? Preity’s candidly admitted that she will now shift her professional focus to acting.I’ll only be there for the matches as opposed to being constantly involved with the IPL activities. The first two years, I gave all of myself to IPL. I’m on the verge of signing two new films with very big banners. But before that, Main Aur Mrs Khanna with Salman will be out. Though I’ve a cameo in the film, it is an interesting role.Currently, Preity’s mother is with her in Mumbai and she’s happy playing mama’s pet. “There’s no place like home, especially with mom in it,” she said delightedly.


Hrithik trying to fly Kites in Hollywood?

Hrithik Roshan

Is Rakesh Roshan developing cold feet over Kites? That seems to be the case as the industry is rife with rumours surrounding the marketing of Kites. If rumours are to be believed then Rakesh is in doldrums ever since Kites failed to leave a mark on the international audience at the Cannes Film Festival.As per our sources, Roshan senior wanted to give his son Hrithik Roshan an international launch by making Kites in English as well as Hindi.

But he found no takers for Kites at the Cannes, as international buyers were not interested in an Indian film.Basically, that’s because Cannes is mainly a major market for Italian, Korean and French films.Not deterred by his canned experience at Cannes, Roshan senior has moved on and is eyeing Hollywood to sell Kites. Now it’s reported that Roshan Sr. has shouldered the responsibility of striking a deal with Hollywood executives, and allotted 20 days from his schedule for this purpose.

With Kites still on the production floor and such rumours afloat, it surely would be very uncomforting for the Roshans to find an overseas market for the Film.


Arshad sings Anil Kapoor’s praises


While Akshaye Khanna has earlier worked for an Anil Kapoor production Gandhi My Father; Arshad Warsi got together with the veteran actor-producer for the first time in Short Kut – The on Is On. This is why, it doesn’t come as a surprise when Arshad admits that Anil Kapoor was simply fantastic in managing affairs for the film.”Short Kut was a great production to be a part of. Anil has such a fantastic team working for him in his production house, what fascinates me is the fact that he is so committed to filmmaking.He didn’t leave any stone unturned to ensure that requirements of every person involved with the project was taken care of”, appreciates Arshad.Since Anil Kapoor has been acting for three decades now, it must have been difficult for him to just stay on as a producer without suggesting creative inputs, isn’t it?”

I am sure that he must have been creatively involved, considering the fact that he is so experienced. He was the senior-most of the lot in Short Kut. However, he never interfered during the shooting. He may have been on the sets hardly a couple of times, but that’s about it”, informs Arshad.Maybe, conversations did happen, behind closed doors while director Neeraj Vora took charge on the sets. “It could be possible but not in my presence. I have not witnessed him instructing Neeraj or anyone else for that matter. He was pretty enterprising as a producer and allowed everyone to do their job peacefully,” Arshad defends.

Giving a special mention to Anees Bazmee, Arshad says, “The way he narrated the script was amazing. He was effective in building the entire scene right in front of you. He is simply superb. Once he narrated the script, I was convinced that I was on.”


Kareena Kapoor goes for shopping around the world


Being Bollywood’s latest style icon is no easy task. Kareena Kapoor, who is not taking her newfound title lightly, intends to go on a long shopping spree to various fashion capitals around the world. She says, “I have to. When I go abroad nowadays, I find myself spending more time in the shops than holidaying. It’s a responsibility. And I do need to be chic all the time. Designer Aki Narula has set impossible standards of fashion for me through my films. Now I’ve no choice but to live up to those standards. I’ve raised the bar for fashion. Commenting on her global shopping spree, Kareena says, “I constantly need to be well dressed. Everything I wear is under the media glare. It’s the price I have to pay.It is very tiring, but I must confess it’s also flattering. I’m really proud to be called stylish.

But my being a fashion icon also depends on my attitude and mood of the moment.Now that Aki Narula has designed her clothes in Kambakkht Ishq and Qurbaan and not Manish Malhotra, is she shifting loyalties? “No. I love Aki’s work and plan to often use his clothes. Aki has again made me look so special in Qurbaan. But Manish and I go back a long way. He dressed up my sister to stardom and then me. We’re not the kind of people who move on in our friendships,” she says.Talking about the designers who she will work with in her forthcoming films, she says, “The clothes and designer depend on the character and film.I am back with Manish Malhotra for 3 Idiots and the remake of Stepmom in which I will be dressed up as a stylish young girl.

I am also planning to cut my hair. I have a minimal look in my forthcoming films, Qurbaan and 3 Idiots. People will be shocked when they see me in Qurbaan. If I can carry off Kolhapuri chappals in Omkara, I am as much at home in Jimmy Choos in KI. I’m equally proud of both kinds of films.”


Saif undergoes cosmetic surgery for Deepika


Actor Saif Ali Khan opts for Botox treatment, as he dances and prances around trees with the much younger Deepika Padukone.These days our Bollywood actors are so in … simply because they’re romancing girls half their age, be it on-screen or off-screen. Akshay Kumar and the lovely Katrina Kaif rocked the box office with Welcome and Singh Is Kinng, Shah Rukh Khan was applauded when he romanced debutante Anushka Sharma in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and of course Aamir Khan’s record-breaking stint with Asin in Ghajini is well-known.But the fight isn’t these lovely beauties’ alone, who have to match there well established on-screen actors step for step. The challenge, dearies, lies even with our 40 something actors who need to look young enough to romance our Bollywood beauties.

So cosmetic surgery may well be resorted to, and also a healthier lifestyle. While talks about SRK’s sudden changed look was quite the talk of the town during last year’s IPL, Saif Ali Khan is the next star, who sources say has bowed down to Botox to help fight maturity lines (read: wrinkles). He apparently got the ‘treatment’ done in London, and has been looking younger, suave and more dashing ever since, so much so that one can easily imagine him be the perfect match to the 20 something Deepika Padukone in his first home production venture ‘Love Aaj Kal’.A source informs us, “Saif didn’t want to take any chances with the on-screen chemistry and opted to go for the treatment. But he’s looking good.

While his spokespersons choose to remain hush-hush about the Botox treatment, they say it’s his yoga, daily jogs, healthy diet and disciplined routine that makes this charming actor look so good. And of course the love (courtesy girlfriend Kareena Kapoor) and fresh air help add to the glow!


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