A chance to meet Saif and Deepika in Cafe coffee day

>> Friday, July 10, 2009


In tune with the pulse of the younger generation, the makers of Love Aaj Kal believe, that like the young couple Jai and Meera in the film – most youngsters explore love, life and relationships in café’s and coffee houses across the country.Today any youngster will vouch for the fact that very often love blossoms around coffee and good conversation.Keeping this in, the producers of Love Aaj Kal are now reaching out to their target audience- young coffee and tea drinkers with an exclusive tie up with Café Coffee Day.

As a part of this tie up; Café Coffee Day will run a contest, where the winner gets a chance to meet the stars of Love Aaj Kal; Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, over a coffee date at one of the Café Coffee Day branches across the city.Says Dinesh Vijan, producer of Love Aaj Kal…”The coffee house in our film The Chowk is a very significant space in Saif and Deepika’s relationship in the film, similar to the role that places like Café Coffee Day play in our daily lives.

The association between love, romance, and coffee houses is extremely strong and this tie up helps brings our target audience closer to experiencing the romance, fun and good times that Love Aaj Kal is all about.”


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