Asin stalked in Singapore

>> Friday, July 10, 2009


Recently, a stalker managed to get past security to talk to Asin during her trip to Singapore. He took pictures without her permission and followed her everywhere.Asin was in Singapore when a man, who seemed to be in his mid-20s, kept following her everywhere. The drama unfolded at the hotel where she was staying. He approached Asin to talk to her, without paying heed to the security guards surrounding her.A friend of Asin, who was with her, said, “Before she could react, he started taking her pictures. Suddenly, he started behaving even more strangely. He pretended he was her bodyguard and stopped people from going near her.

During the function, he tricked the security guards at the venue and reached the dining room where Asin was having a meal. “He told the guards that he had come from Indore and wanted to talk to her at any cost. He tried every trick in the book to convince them and succeeded,” Asin’s friend said.The man followed her even when she was shopping at a mall. When she reached the hotel, she saw him in the lobby too.Next morning, Asin rushed out of the hotel and headed straight to the airport for her flight to Mumbai. “She feared that he would be waiting outside the airport, but luckily this time, he wasn’t around,” said the friend.

Confirming the unpleasant incident, Asin’s manager said, “Yes, Asin had a problem in Singapore with a stalker.”Meanwhile, Asin has given instructions to the guards in her building to ensure that the unpleasant incident is not repeated.


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