Aamir Khan beats Deepika Padukone

>> Monday, July 6, 2009


Aamir Khan is not only a talented actor but a good badminton player too. In an exciting match played between Deepika Padukone-Pakash Padukone and Aamir Khan-Aparna Popat, Aamir beats Deepika. The tournament was held at the annual tournament for the Padukone Academy run by the one-time badminton champion.Though lost to Aamir, Deepika sounds quite satisfactory and praised Aamir for his win, she said, I know that Aamir plays badminton at the Khar gym.

He’s extremely fit and a great player. It was an incredible experience to play opposite him.More than that Deepika Padukone was happy playing with dad Prakash Padukone. “Even after so many years dad is such a driving force and an inspiration for badminton enthusiasts. I remember in the older days when he would train in Bangalore there were no high roof courts, so he would play in shaadi mandaps.

From that day to having his own badminton academy he’s come a long way”, the actress added. Deepika takes active interest in promoting badminton.


Neil and Aarya get close


Aarya Babbar, who plays a convict in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail, and his co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh seem to have become good friends on the sets of the movie. On the last day of the shoot, Aarya, who is a huge James Bond fan (he even has a collection of original posters and cool collectables of Bond movies) wanted to gift Neil something special to commemorate their friendship.

Neil had once told him about an office he wanted to set up, and how he wanted it to be cool and different. So Aarya gifted Neil, who also shares a passion for Bond movies, the poster of Dr NO, the first Bond film ever.Shooting for Jail was very special, I enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

Throughout the shooting, Neil and I shared many conversations, talking about films we liked and stuff, and I thought this would be the perfect gift for his new office,” said Aarya.


Priyanka Chopra supports Shahid

Priyanka, Shahid

While suspense continues on whether Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are dating; the two actors, who are promoting their film Kaminey, actually decided to travel in the same car to radio stations a few days ago. Of course their individual PR managers followed closely, and it so happened that despite their wanting to be together for the interviews, someone some-where goofed.So radio stations only announced that Shahid was on his way.

Priyanka’s name was left out because of an oversight. Insiders say that Shahid advised her to turn back and return for the radio interviews another day. Though it was just a minor mix up, it is reported that Shahid wanted Priyanka’s arrival to be announced with elan


Katrina Kaif producing a movie


Katrina Kaif has bid adieu to Sanjay Gadhvi’s 7 days in Paris but her connection with Paris is far from over. In fact, Katrina’s romance with Paris is about to begin. She recently saw a French film and was so impressed, that she has not only bought the remaking rights of the film, but is also producing it herself. And that’s besides starring in it, of course.However, Katrina refuses to tell us the name of the film that has her so enamoured. “It’s a huge hit of 2006”, is all we can get out of her. “I don’t want to name it because then it will immediately be picked up by others and they’ll get down to making their own versions of the film before I have even finalised the deal. I’m very serious about the film and my negotiations are on.

And if all goes well, I’ll have the rights with me very soon,” says an excited Katrina. This film will see Katrina in a different role from the ones she plays in New York, and the upcoming Rajneeti. “My role in the film has dark shades to it. I play a conniving, ambitious woman. It’s a gloriously grey character, the kind I haven’t played before,” says Katrina.About producing the film, Katrina says, “It is very important for me to find vehicles that will challenge me as an actor. And I am willing to create opportunities for myself.”

While a lot of action awaits the actress, right now she’s only hoping to spend a birthday with family in London, later this month. “I need to be happy with what I’m doing. That’s all I want on this birthday,” she says.


Anil Sharma upsets Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is fuming at director Anil Sharma’s casual and sloppy approach towards their film Veer.Apparently, Sharma frivolously wasted time in London, which could’ve been avoided if he had been better prepared for the shoot. The cavalier attitude inflated the budget considerably. Salman had assured producer Vijay Galani that he would put his career back on track. Our source said, “Salman was so irritated by Sharma’s ways that he didn’t shy away from giving the director a earful on the sets.Revealing what transpired on the sets, a unit member said, “Anil Sharma doesn’t value time. Although we stayed in London for 30 days, the productivity was that of five days. Sharma asks for far too many retakes, so a lot of raw stock has been consumed. Plus, he hadn’t finalised the location.

It is inexplicable that a director takes a unit abroad and doesn’t know where he is going to shoot next.However, Anil Sharma rebutted the story. He said, “There have been a lot of rumours about my London schedule. I would like to clarify that I had a very smooth shoot throughout. I had a wonderful working relationship with Salman. Veer is a period film and I shot scenes around Buckingham Palace, for which I had taken permission.”Our source from the sets in London, disagreed. The source said, “For a 9am shift, Sharma would leave the hotel at 9.30am to hunt for the location. Often, he wouldn’t get the permission to shoot. If at all the shoot began, it wouldn’t be before 2.30pm. After which, it would not go on for more than four hours. We had to wind up by 6.30-7pm as most of the scenes were to be shot during the day.

Everyday, the actors (including Salman) were left to cool their heels in the hotel while Sharma went to hunt for the locations. Not only Salman, but every actor was exasperated. The source concluded, “All of this magnified the cost of the film.Vijay Galani said, “We might have had a bit of a problem in getting permission to shoot at a certain place for a stipulated amount of time, but we didn’t have any major problems as such. I know Salman ever since he did my first film Suryavanshi and he has always been very supportive.”


I will never throw a party again: Priyanka


Besides the British actor, in attendance were Bollywood’s top brass-Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar and Shahid Kapoor. However, Priyanka says she will never throw a party again. Hosting that party was not fun,’’ she announces. “I hate throwing parties. I would rather go to other people’s parties. Or even spend time after a shoot on a set. That is more fun than actually hosting a party.Her emphatic `never’ to playing host is because the actress confesses that she has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and can drive herself to a point of no return when she has people over.Rewinding to the time when she moved into her new duplex at Raj Classic in Versova, the actress says, “When Sussanne Roshan did up my home, we got this really cool design.

I have a fabulous party area with a dining section, a theatre, a video room and a cool lounge area… all made to entertain.However, the experience of May 3, the night when she entertained her foreign and Indian guests, got her completely stressed out. She says, “I wanted the cutlery and crockery to be perfect, the napkins to match, the best wine and the best food. I took care of every minute detail. In the bargain, I forgot to enjoy my own party. I didn’t eat till 7am the next morning and then I almost fainted because of fatigue.After her guests departed, she saw some wine stains on her beige sofa; and she panicked. “I was aghast,” she laughs.

Now the actress has decided she will not entertain until she has her OCD in control and can absolutely learn to chill.When asked if her neighbours’ complaint to the cops about the loud music is what caused her additional stress, the actress says, “Hey, the society I live in is very nice. I have no complaints on that account at all. My neighbours are the best. Of course, they are. After all, Shahid is one of them.


Katrina takes a dig at Kareena

Katrina, Kareena

In ‘Kambakkht Ishq’, Kareena Kapoor had an enormous skin show. She even went to the extent of kissing Akshay Kumar ten times. But this time Katrina Kaif overdoes Kareena in acting department and the two battling ladies at the box office take a dig on one another.If Kareena’s short outfit, skin shows drag the audience to the theatre then this time Katrina has been able to woo her audience with her acting.Like any other new comer, Katrina has also used her body to appeal the audience in her debut flick, ‘Boom’.

But gradually she has grown up as an actress and doing excel in every department of acting with her looks doing the extra magic.Katrina once remarked, “At least they can’t say my latest film is doing well because Katrina Kaif wore a short skirt. I don’t need to show leg to win notices”, indirectly hinting Kareena Kapoor.

The Bollywood popular ladies are not leaving any opportunity go without letting down their contenders.Kareena Kapoor once accused Deepika Padukone of grabbing her role in Saif’s debut production ‘Love Aaj Kal’.


Bipasha Basu Simply Flying


Bipasha Basu recently demonstrated her new fitness workout – Jukari Fit to Fly – in an event organised by Cirque de Soleil. Jukari is the Afrikaans name for a reebok, a type of deer and the equipment used for the workout – the Flyset – has been designed by the Reebok sports company. Right now I have just had a small taste of it but yes, when you do an hour-long workout like this, you actually will feel like you are flying. It’s really fun,” Bipasha said There are a lot of women, and some of my friends too, who don’t like to go to the gym and this kind of a workout is great fun because they will get to join a group class and there will be music.

Bipasha, who is currently involved in making the movie Pankh about a young boy who suffers from gender confusion, has spoken openly about the issue of homosexuality that is currently being debated in India. “We are born with certain natural preferences which we can’t deny,” she states, “No one can dictate what is good or bad for a person’s sexual experience. It is an individual choice.Apart than Pankh, Bipasha has a number of other fascinating movies on-stream.I have in my kitty Lamha in which I am essaying the role of a Kashmiri girl and a comedy flick called All the Best.

Apart from these, I am working on Rituparno Ghosh’s Bengali film Shab Choritro Kalpanik and on my first English movie Chimera opposite Billy Zane.”


Kareena Kapoor has some boy fun


How would you like it if Kareena Kapoor offered to shake a leg with you? Well, the bunch of 400 men present at a special screening for ‘men only’ of her latest film Kambakkht Ishq sure loved the idea. As Kareena plays a hard-to-get woman in the film, she decided that attending a screening of the film just with boys would be a lot of fun. So on Friday afternoon she set out to implement her crazy idea.

A source close to Kareena says, “When Bebo shared the idea with a few of us, we seemed unsure whether she actually should do it or not.A theatre packed with guys and Bebo in the middle of it sounded risky.Well, the screening went smoothly… until Kareena offered to dance with a guy who performed the best to her song, ‘Bebo mein Bebo’. Our source reveals, “That’s when all hell broke loose.

It was unbelievable how the entire pack broke into a jig to seek Kareena’s attention.Imagine 400 guys dancing for Kareena, all at the same time.With the pandemonium that followed, Kareena was whisked away to safety soon. The actress says, “It was great fun. If the clamour got at bit out of hand, well, so be it.”


Salman Khan returns Shilpa’s favour

Salman, Shilpa

We keep hearing about Salman Khan’s generosity. But did you know that he owed big time to Ms Shilpa Shetty? Well, if my friend the birdie, is to be believed, Salman was indebted to Shetty for a very long time. And to take their friendship a step further, Khan has invited the lady to his TV show Dus Ka Dum.The episode has already been shot and the amount won has been donated to a charity.A little birdie tells me, “It is a known fact that Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty have been the best of friends. They share a strong bond on and off screem.

Shiklpa respects Khan a lot. She has stood by his side in times of crisis and vice versa.The two apparently became very good friends when Shilpa at the peak of her career agreed to star opposite Salman in Sohail Khan’s debut venture Auzaar. Salman who wanted to launch Sohail as a director in a big way has not forgotten Shetty’s favour till date.


Akshay-Priyanka to sizzle

Akshay, Priyanka

Akshay Kumar fans who thought he bonded better on screen with the hot Priyanka Chopra than the sexy Kareena Kapoor and captivating Katrina Kaif, may be in for a total surprise. The Khiladi, whose pairing with Priyanka came to an end when gossip mills alleged his wife Tina had forbidden their jodi over relationship rumours, is open to working with the actress again. “Why not,” asked Akshay. “Priyanka and I did some really successful films like Andaaz and Aitraaz.

I’d love to work with her again.Those of our fans who missed our pairing may soon get a pleasant surprise.” Apparently two major producers are already planning films that would justify the hot pair.Katrina, who has given the maximum hits with Akshay, talked generously about the actor’s compatibility with Priyanka. “Akshay and I vibe superbly on screen. But he’s really good with Priyanka and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

Priyanka, too, is looking forward to resuming work with Akshay, say sources. Though she loves working with Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan, she misses the magic she created with Akshay, the sources add.


Saif loved my look: Bebo

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor’s entire family have watched ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ and they are really happy with the outcome, specially Saiffu dear who is totally sweep away with Bebo’s sexy look in the film. In the film, Kareena looks hot and glamorous like never before. Talking about Saif’s view, Bebo said, “Saif loved my look and styling done by Aki Narula in Kambakkht Ishq. He doesn’t like the song ‘Bebo mein Bebo.’ His favorite song is the one in Venice with Akshay, which goes ‘Lakh lakh’. Saif enjoyed KI so much that he says he can watch it again and again.He likes to see me look glamorous and sexy and not just in films.

He wants me to dress up all the time when we are going out for dinner or to parties.Kareena’s parents and sister Karisma Kapoor too liked her look and acting and said that they will be happy to watch it again and again.My mother (Babita) loved Kambakkht Ishq so much that she’s going to the theatre again today with 15 friends to see it with the audience. Lolo loves David Dhawan kind of entertainers and has loved this too,” said Kareena.


Dhoni’s Girlfriend enter in bollywood?

Lakshmi Rai

Not wanting to limit her options to any single language, Lakshmi Rai is trying her luck in other language films too. A model before entering the film industry, Lakshmi Rai had appeared in several ads including Bru Coffee, Saravana Stores and Fair and Lovely. Her first Tamil film was Karka Kasadara, directed by R.V. Udayakumar.Having completed several films in a short span of time, she is a known face in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Her performance in the Tamil flick Dhaam Dhoom was appreciated and she had given a commendable performance in Mutthirai too.Lakshmi has also completed shooting for Naan Avanillai – 2 and is eagerly awaiting for the release of Vaamanan. According to sources, she recently met a top director in Mumbai and Lakshmi Rai will appear in a Bollywood film very soon. Top heroines from the South trying their luck in Bollywood seems to the ‘in’ trend, especially after Asin’s success.


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