Bald Barbara Mori Shocks Hrithik Roshan!

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You’ve seen her looking stunning, long shiny hair included, in the promos of ‘Kites’. But did you know that Barbara Mori was bald when ‘Kites’ producer Rakesh Roshan and director Anurag Basu first met her? And this is what she looked like! When the ‘Kites’ team first met Barbara for the story narration in Los Angeles, the actress had just inch long hair as she had gone totally bald for her role in a Spanish film ‘Cosas Insignificantes’ (Insignificant Things).
In the film, her screen son has cancer and is losing hair, so she expresses unity with him this way. Rakesh Roshan admits that when he saw his future heroine with only one inch long hair, he was uncertain to sign her on. “I was shocked,’’ he says. “I asked her how we would shoot with her six months down the line, but she was confident that her hair would grow or else she suggested that she would put on hair extensions.
’’Director Anurag Basu adds, “Barbara looked gorgeous in short hair too. I had an option to have her with short hair in Kites, but in our industry actresses normally don’t have short hair. So later when she came to India, we did some look tests with Barbara in short hair and also with hair extensions and she looked even prettier in long hair.”


Arjun Rampal trapped between Kareena and Kajol

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal has been roped in to play a lead role in KJo’s Stepmom where he will be seen romancing the two leading ladies of the industry. On one hand, the hunk actor has the delightful and ever gorgeous Kajol playing as his ex-wife while on the other hand is the ravishing Kareena Kapoor. Bebo will play the love interest of Arjun in the movie. ‘Stepmom’ has Kajol and Kareena alongwith Arjun Rampal in the lead.
Arjun is surely feeling sandwitched between the two but the actor is confident enough to hold his ground in the Hindi version of the famous Hollywood movie ‘Stepmom’.    When asked, Arjun quoted saying, “Kajol has always been my favourite actress while Kareena is more a buddy…It’s wonderful to have two such gorgeous actress as my co-star.”
Arjun who was awarded with a National Award for ‘Rock On’ said he’s enjoying the understanding of working with two of the most brilliant female actresses but is also confident enough to make his own space in the film.


Deepika Padukone’s new acting style

Housefull is one keenly anticipated film! The movie boasts of a high-rated starcast which includes comedy must haves, Akshay and Riteish, while the leading ladies are Lara Dutta and Deepika Padukone.Where on the one hand, the promos looking completely promising, the news stories nearby the movie have also managed to create a favorable buzz for the film.The film which is slated for an April 20 release is probable to be an out-and-out entertainer.
And this seems to be the reason why Deepika, who has tried to bring a realistic touch to her performances in her new movies, chose to do things differently as far as her acting is concerned. “The genre of Housefull is such where there has to be a lot more enthusiasm in my performance. This is why you would see me in a totally different mood and attire in the film. You would also see me adopting an entirely different approach in my act as well,” says Deepika who will be seen in an all glamorous look in the film.
According to Deepika, her approach to acting has always been in sync with the demand of the movie and the characters she has portrayed. This approach was highlighted in movies like Love Aaj Kal and Karthik calling Karthik. But Housefull is a different genre and hence the diverse acting style.Deepika is looking ahead to the release of Housefull is presently shooting for Break Ke Baad with Imran Khan. So all we can do is look forward for the movie and expect to see the actress in a yet another avatar!


Priyanka Chopra’s one tight slap!

Priyanka Chopra hit back at a man who misbehaved with her outside her vanity van where she was shooting in Colaba.  A young guy, maybe in 20s, caught hold of Priyanka the instant she stepped out to join her colleagues after the day’s shoot for her forthcoming movie with Zayed Khan, directed by Siddharth Anand.“Priyanka ended her shoot and went back to her vanity van to alter. After some time, she stepped out to join Siddharth Anand and Tarun Mansukhani sitting in a diverse enclosure, from where they were all invented to go for dinner. Unexpectedly, a man came running towards her and demanded, ‘You must talk to me!’”
One eye witness said. “At this point, the man grabbed her arm almost and pulled her close to him. Stunned at his aggressiveness, Priyanka, shot back at him, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ But the man was in no mood to listen and did not let go of her arm. An angry Priyanka slapped the guy hard, sending him reeling,” sources said.At this point, a few members from the cast and crew who had been watching the event from a distance came to Priyanka’s free. “They caught hold of that guy. After talking to him for a bit, they let him go,” sources added.
“The actress did not file a police complaint. She didn’t want to pursue the issue and make it difficult. That guy deserved a tight slap. In fact, Priyanka should have slapped him harder for his bravery.”  A close friend of Priyanka said.


Why Kangna likes scars

Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut is very disturb these days. The producer of one of her forthcoming films has said that her nonappearance from the sets due to her foot fracture has cost them a whopping Rs1.5 crore as the film was not insured.The actor, who has been at home since she broken her foot while doing a bike stunt, says, “It is not nice to hear that the people you are working with are counting money at a time when I can’t even move. I can also point fingers. Even I can say that there was no proper trainer to do the stunt that led to the fracture.
Or that safety measure was not taken while doing such a dangerous stunt. There are things over which you don’t have control and no one is to be blamed for those. It was a freak accident.” However, this accident hasn’t deterred her never-say-die attitude even one bit. Though it would leave a permanent scar on her fractured leg, she doesn’t want to go in for plastic surgery.
“I hate plastic surgeries. So, though I will have a scar on my foot, it’s okay. I like scars. They remind you of the experiences you go through in life,” she says.
Kangna will now go for a stem cell surgery. She says, “I will be back on my feet soon and complete shooting. Doctors have told me that the stem cell surgery would help me get back to action speedily.”Though she might be on her feet soon, there are certain things that Kangna won’t be able to do for at least a couple of months.  “I cannot run, do serious movements or dance for the next couple of months.
But that’s okay because when it happened to me, I thought I had lost my leg.


Ness Wadia want to sell Kings XI, Preity refuses

Even though Preity Zinta’s Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kings XI Punjab are performing badly in the tournament, the actress is still standing by them and taking the defeats in her stride. “Cannot help it if we are losing in cricket… somebody has to lose and this time it is us… I still stand by my team and hope we do better next year, ” Preity posted on her Twitter account.
Till now the team has played 11 matches and managed to win only three leaving them stranded at the last place in the eight-team event. It was also reported that out of the four owners of the team, Ness Wadia, Mohit Burman and Karan Paul are interested in selling off their stake.
Preity is the only one who is keen on staying on board with the team.


Sajid Khan competes with Salman Khan

If Salman Khan could get Buckingham palace for the shoot of his dream project Veer, Sajid Khan has gone an extra mile and brought Queen of England to do a cameo role on much-waited film Housefull. Yes, you heard it right!Queen of England, Elizabeth will be marking a special appearance in Akshay-Deepika’s starrer much-awaited film Housefull.
Our reliable source confirms the news, “Apart from Jacqueline Fernandez who will be seen paying tribute to Apne Toh Jaise Taise song from Lawaaris, Sajid Khan has roped in Queen of England too for a cameo role, details of which are kept under wraps for the audience to discover while watching the film.
”Well, its’ definitely going to be interesting to see the Queen her highness on big screen though for few minutes.


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