Top Ten Songs of the Week

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top Ten Songs of the Week

1. Aaya Re – Jashn

2. Om Mangalam – Kambakht Ishq

3. Hai Junoon – New York

4. Twist – Love Aaj Kal

5. Dilli 6 – Dilli 6

6 Khudaya Ve – Luck

7. Pardesi – Dev D

8. Khudaya Khair – Billu Barber

9. Tere Bina – Kal Kisne Dekha

10. Haule Haule remix – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi


Saif & Kareena’s secret promise


Saif has made a promise to Kareena that they will have a double celebration for the success of Kareena’s release Kambhakkt Ishq and his own Love Aaj Kal. But if, God forbid Kareena’s film doesn’t do well, there will be no celebration for Love Aaj Kal.That’s true,” admits Saif. “For me my film and Bebo’s are equally important. In fact, if there were a choice I’d rather have her film work than mine. God willing, both films will be hits. And we’ll have a double celebration.”Saif is openly appreciative of Kareena’s on-screen bonding with Akshay.

Akshay is a great guy. I’ve had a great time working with him in many films like Main Khiladi Tu Anari and Tashan. In Tashan all three of us, Bebo, Akshay and I had great fun. He’s one co-star both Bebo and I like.There was therefore no awkwardness at all regarding the kissing scenes between Akshay and Kareena. “They are more funny than titillating,” grins Saif.Says Saif, “I loved the film. Bebo and Akki look their career best. I think the film is great fun! I’d love to see it again. I think it is going to be a huge hit. And oh yes, my kids loved it too.”

Saif and his two children Sarah and Ebrahim saw Kareena’s Kambhakkt Ishq on Tuesday night and they were bowled over.Sarah and Ebrahim are hugely fond of Kareena, and fans of her films. The bonding between Kareena and the two children is very easy to see.Says Kareena, “Oh Sarah and Ebrahim loved the film. Unfortunately my sister and my father are out of country and couldn’t attend screening. I can’t wait for them, to see the KI.”


Shahid Kapoor fights for Priyanka

Shahid, Priyanka

Shahid Kapoor can do anything for his ladylove Priyanka Chopra and he proved this while promoting his movie Kaminey radio station. Shahid and director Vishal Bhardwaj were at a chat show to talk about Kaminey when the jockey asked about Priyanka’s role in the movie to which Shahid replied that it was basically a men’s movie and Priyanka was the only women and that too she appeared in the second half.The jockey then responded in a very raunchy manner and said it must have been very difficult for Priyanka to satisfy all the men alone.

Shahid and Vishal could not believe that the jockey could say such a cheap thing and threatened to walk out of the show. After much apologies from the jockey and the producers the recording continued after the original one was deleted. This time around Vishal and Shahid were in no mood for a conversation and quickly left the studio.


Salman Khan’s Safed Paanch Ka Note

Salman Khan

While Salman is busy entertaining his fans all over the world with his television show 10 Ka Dum, the actor has taken time out to complete recording a song for his forthcoming movie Wanted. The track titled Safed Paanch Ka Note has been composed by music director duo Sajid-Wajid and will be used to promote the movie.This is not the first time that Salman has sung for a film. Sallu lent his voice to the song Chandi Ki Daal Par Sone Ka Mor in Hello Brother.

Music director Wajid says, “Salman has always been full of surprises. He is very professional when it comes to work. We are so excited every time we work with him.Wanted, says Wajid, is a “prestigious” film. “It is a remake of the South movie Pokhiri but director Prabhu Deva has done equal justice to the original with his Hindi remake. He has made it an out-and-out commercial Hindi film. The subject is brilliant and we had several discussions before we actually set out to work on the film,” he says.

The music directors also had a great time working with Prabhu Deva. “It was a brilliant experience. He knows the nuances of his work very well. Not only is he a good actor but he is also a great technician and a good director. I mean he is so popular in the South.


Shahrukh Khan’s red alert for Salman Khan

Shahrukh, Salman

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman may maintain a distance from each other, but in a small industry it’s hard to be off each other’s radar completely. Recently, SRK was shooting for Dulha Mil Gaya and was supposed to play a red guitar. The director Mudassar Aziz and choreographer Ahmed Khan didn’t fancy the guitar provided and asked for a replacement. The only substitute in the city was with Salman, who was shooting at Famous studios, Mahalaxmi, for Wanted. Mudassar Aziz was aghast. He had got Shah Rukh’s dates with a lot of difficulty. He was panicking that the shoot may have to be cancelled yet again as it had been several times prior to this.The people who supplied the guitar took a drastic risk. They sneaked out Salman’s guitar at Famous and quietly replaced it with SRK’s instrument.

Sneaking into the lion’s den and having survived was no mean feat.“They got it without Salman knowing who sneaked into his shoot and exchanged the instruments,” said a source from the sets.Ahmed Khan said, “I told the suppliers that we’ll wait for a few hours but they had to get it come what may. We could not afford to cancel the shoot.When Ahmed and the others asked them how they managed to get it from Salman, they said that when they entered the set, Salman was playing the guitar. After a while he kept the guitar aside and left. The suppliers took Salman’s guitar and replaced it with Shah Rukh’s guitar. The two guitars were similar and they don’t know if Salman shot with that guitar or not.

Mudassar Aziz said, “This is the best song of my film. I know that the song is a sure shot winner and I didn’t want to settle for anything less.”


Priyanka Chopra gets cosy with Harman Baweja

Priyanka, Harman

Well, well. Look who is cosying up to former boyfriend Harman Baweja. Last week, the cast and crew of the Priyanka Chopra-Harman starrer What’s Your Raashee? witnessed something rather interesting.The actress, who recently broke up with Shahid Kapoor, was seen enjoying the company of her former lover Harman Baweja in Khandala. The duo didn’t leave each other’s side at a party held after the shoot. A source present at the party said, “Harman and Priyanka were shooting for a song for What’s Your Raashee? in the outskirts of Mumbai.

Only this rain song was left to be shot before officially wrapping up the film’s shoot schedule.After we packed up late in the night, we decided to have a party at a bungalow nearby in Khandala. Harman and Priyanka too decided to attend the party.“While everyone had a great time, the most noticeable were Harman and Priyanka. The two had eyes only for each other throughout the party, which went on for almost four hours. As Priyanka and Harman sat there chatting and relaxing, everyone could see the sparks flying between them.

The former lovers had a great time together,” added the source.While Harman admitted he attended the party, he refused to say anything more. Are you planning to get back together, guys? And is Shahid, well and truly in the past? As Priyanka and Harman sat there chatting and relaxing, everyone could see the sparks flying between them.


Why is Kareena Kapoor upset?

Kareena Kapoor

Of late, Kareena has been bonding big-time with her father. And Randhir Kapoor couldn’t have chosen a worse time to be out of the country. Just when Kareena’s most important film was about to release, both her sister and dad are out of the country, hence their absence from the special screening of Kambakkht Ishq, last week, when Kareena invited just her family and no friends.Saif tried to keep her spirits up. But Kareena was undoubtedly missing her father.

Kareena these days is constantly in touch with her father, calling inquiring about his diet and health, visiting him as much as possible. And when Randhir Kapoor signed two films lately, his younger daughter was the happiest.”He needs to work. He must work.

He’s such a talented actor. I’ve inherited my comic timing from my father, which you can see in Kambakkht Ishq.I know he’d love me in this film,” says Kareena emotionally.Randhir Kapoor is currently on a cruise holiday in Lisbon.


Saif Ali Khan conscious of making love with Bebo?

Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan admits that shooting intimate scenes with ladylove Bebo in Rensil D’Silva’s film was not as easy as it may appear. The actor is against showing off the intimacy of their relationship on screen.”Obviously having her as my co-star made it easier to be intimate. And it would be the easiest thing in the world for me to say I’ve done intimate scenes with other co-stars and doing them with Kareena was the same.But that won’t be true. Having her with me made me feel more responsible.I didn’t want to end showing off my relationship by accentuating the intimacy, says Saif”.Though the actor felt comfortable filming the scenes, he thinks it was a double-edged sword.”It was a double-edged sword.

At the end of the day we’re all actors. But this was different. If we had to do the same scenes with other co-stars we may not have been as comfortable. Yes. Definitely I was more comfortable sharing intimacy with Kareena on screen than I was with other actors.” Conclusion? Nothing matters if you feel saif..oops safe in your relationship.


Akshay Kumar is thrilled & upset


Akshay Kumar is thrilled and upset at the same time. Thrilled, because his new movie, ‘Kambakkht Ishq’, has taken an incredible start from East to West and from North to South. Post ‘Jumbo’, ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ and ‘8 x 10 Tasveer’, Akshay had become everyone’s favorite punching bag. Once considered the blue-eyed boy of one and all, Akshay was dropped like a hot potato after a string of flops.”I was disillusioned. I would be lying if I said that the flops didn’t affect me. They did, especially the failure of ‘Chandni Chowk To China’. I was heart-broken, crest-fallen,” Akshay informs me.

He’s just back from a whirlwind tour [Puerto Rico, London, Delhi, now Mumbai] and has barely slept since the past few days.”I was extremely nervous. I couldn’t sleep. What if ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ doesn’t open well? That thought kept bothering me,” Akshay admits. But now that the film has fetched a superb start, the actor is feeling relieved. “Aaj raat achchi neend aayegi,” he flashes his charismatic smile, when he’s told that the film should have a record-breaking opening weekend.But Akshay’s upset too — and it shows — when he feels that there’s a strategy to pull him down.The negative sms-es during the paid previews and the subsequent messages ridiculing his film have hurt him.

Why do we resort to such things?Aren’t we happy that the audiences are back? ‘New York’ attracted crowds, now ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ has. ‘Luck’, ‘Love Aaj Kal’ and ‘Kaminey’ would also bring crowds. The volume of business is only increasing. But by resorting to such things, we are only harming ourselves,” Akshay says.


John Abraham lands up in nude trouble

John Abraham

Bollywood actor John Abraham, who is currently enjoying the success of his latest release New York, could land up in trouble. It’s not for the nude scene in New York but for his nude photograph published in a daily. A city court has asked the police to file a report of the photograph within two weeks following a complaint by CM Dua, who runs an NGO, seeking registration of a criminal case against him for the obscene picture.

He alleged that he was shocked to find the daily carrying John’s nude photograph on the study desk of his children. He said such acts could corrupt the young minds which is dangerous.Dua, who had sought registration of an FIR against the actor, publisher and editor of the daily, said that he was forced to approach the court following the passive response of the police. Now, Metropolitan Magistrate Ashish Aggarwal has directed the station house officer of the Moti Nagar police station to submit the report to the court within two weeks, as the complaint alleges commission of cognisable offences under Section 292 and 294 (relating to spread of obscene material) of the Indian Penal Code.


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