Asin and Sonam are friends

>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sonam, asin

If Salman Khan dumped his rivalry with Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya shook hands with Sonam Kapoor then Bollywood new brigade Asin and Sonam Kapoor also finds a true friend on one another. Both bonded over parties and spend quality time at one another’s home. After making her base in Mumbai, Asin has found a good friend in Sonam and she accepted her friendship with Anil’s daughter even in an interview.

Sonam’s presence in Asin’s life is a great relief for her as she is new in Bollywood and yet to understand how the glamour industry works. Asin believes that Bollywood actresses are not only involved in cat-fights but they can also be good friends.

Well, we can see some new friendship coming up but let’s see whether it is long lasting or will get faded away with upcoming professional commitments.


Salman-Shahrukh’s rivalry come to an end


Akshay Kumar is a master orator in HindiNumber of times Salman Khan might hinted that he wanted to end up rivalry with Shahrukh Khan and wished to have him on his show but finally he has turned his words into deeds by signing Yash Raj film which is a pro-SRK production house. Salman is the one who first put forward his hand of friendship to SRK after the fight at Katrina Kaif’s birthday.After the ugly spat, the two almost stopped talking. It is said that the reason behind Salman’s breaking off his arrogance is his back to back flop.

Due to professional reason, he joined the camp which has some big names of the industry like YRF, Farah Khan, Karan Johar and many more.Yash Raj has supposedly signed him for a comedy which will go on floor later this year. The new Yash Raj project of Salman has been written and directed by Victor (Acharya). R Madhavan will play an important role and the lead actress is yet to be finalized.It is not the first time that Sallu miya has been approached by the Yash Raj banner. Earlier also he was approached for ‘Chak De’ but for some silly reason, Salman rejected and finally it went to the lap of Shahrukh Khan.

Salman has seen the loss of ignoring Yash Raj project and now he does not want to leave the chance of saving his sinking career. and Punjabi but fails to impress with his English. We could notice a concerned effort on his part to sound right while speaking in English in Kambakkht Ishq. But it’s not English which the actor wants to master but other foreign languages like German, Spanish, Italian, so on and so forth.Intimidated by the language spoken in Peurto Rico and Honduras, the places he visited recently, Akshay Kumar now wants to master as many foreign lingos as possible.

He explains, “I like connecting with foreigners, understanding their language. It’s not enough for me any more to speak Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and English. I want to know foreign languages. The only way for me to grow as an actor is to broaden my horizon.We hear that he’s picked up a few Spanish phrases during his stay in the country and keeps using them in his talks much to the amusement and annoyance of people around him. We just hope they don’t sound forced as his English in Kambakkht Ishq.


Indians and Pakistanis, are the same: SRK


Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan pitched for greater harmony among South Asian people as he accepted an honorary doctorate from a British university, saying governments were best left to their own “agendas”.”We belong to – I know it’s a bit of a cliche but – one world. Specifically I think, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka all of us, we’re the same. I really believe we are the same,” Khan told journalists after being made honorary Doctor of Arts by Bedfordshire University. The doctorate in recognition of his “exceptional achievement as a film actor and producer”, was proposed by an Indian NGO called Routes 2 Roots, which works to bring South Asians together.”My mother is from Hyderabad in India and father is from Peshawar (in Pakistan).

So I do believe in this (cultural unity).”Especially when you come away from India or Pakistan you realise there is no Indian or Pakistani, we’re all together. We are – culturally, as human beings, as friends. These are the aspects that keep us together.”As far as the (government) agendas are concerned, let them go on.”Invited by a Pakistani journalist to visit Pakistan, said: “I also do wish to go there – my family’s there.Earlier, in his acceptance speech, Khan said he was inspired by the doctorate to work for the education of poor children in India.

While this honour is bestowed on me, I wonder if the deserving but poor and underprivileged children from India can also pursue their higher education in such universities and maybe earn a doctorate as well.”This thought has been weighing heavily on my mind and I am hopeful that I would be able to contribute to this cause in the future,” he added.


I am a big fan of Kareena: Katrina Kaif

Kareena, Katrina

Not long after taking an apparent potshot at Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood A-lister Katrina Kaif on Sunday claimed to be a “big fan” of the Kambakkht Ishq actress.Katrina had recently said in an interview that she doesn’t need to wear a short skirt or show her legs to get audiences to go for her film.Speculations have been rife that the comment was pointed at Kareena for her skimpy outfits in Akshay Kumar starrer Kambakkht Ishq.

However, Katrina has said that she a huge admirer of Kareena’s work and enjoyed her performance in the film.Asked whether she had seen the film and liked it, Katrina said, “I saw the film at a private screening organised by Akshay. He is an entertainer and I have always been a big fan of Kareena Kapoor.”Katrina is riding high on the success of her film New York and the actress ecstatic over the accolades she received for her work in the film.

New York was a special film because of its amazing story. I am happy for the director Kabir Khan because he is one of the nicest persons I have met,” Katrina said on the sidelines of the launch of a new logo for ‘Nakshatra’ jewellery brand.


No shaadi, Bebo tells Saif, Sharmila


Now that Saif is almost 40 (he’ll be 39 next month) Saif’s mother Sharmila Tagore, never known to interfere in her children’s lives,has expressed concern about Saif’s marriage. For the first time she has come out in the open expressing the wish to see Saif and Kareena married.So far Sharmila has never commented on her son’s relationship, though it is no secret that Kareena is a favourite in the Khan household.Says a source, “Both Sharmila and Mansoor Pataudi have taken to Kareena in a big way. They’ve never seen their son happier in any other relationship. And they know Kareena is the r i g h t girl for their son. They also know that Kareena gets along famously with Saif’s children.

Now when Saif is on the threshold of 40, Sharmila has for the first time made a statement on her son’s private life.” The marriage matter has now reached a stage where the ball is entirely in Kareena’s court. Saif’s and Kareena’s mothers have met and expressed a mutual joy in the union. Kareena’s and Saif’s respective dads are all for the marriage too, though unlike the mothers, the two fathers have left the decision to the two people concerned. But Kareena is not ready yet. “I’ve to consolidate my career right now,” she says. “And I know I can perfectly balance out my marriage with my career.

I’ve Saif’s mom’s example in front of me. She did all her best films after marriage. More recently Aishwarya Rai Bachchan too has stuck a perfect balance between home and studio.For Kareena it’s not that simple. “I know once I get married I’d like to devote myself completely to that. When it comes to my emotions I’m not a multi-tasker. So at the moment, specially after Kambakkht Ishq, I need to work. These are the best years of my working life. And Saif is with me, neither of us are running away from a full commitment to one another. So no marriage for another three years.

Apparently after Sharmila Tagore’s uncharacteristic comments on her son’s marriage, Kareena was put in a quandary as neither Saif nor she could ever say no her. However Kareena has convinced Saif once again that marriage must wait.Says Saif, “Amma loves Kareena and of course wants us to be together always. But we both need and want to focus on our work and we’ll think of taking our relationship to the next level when the time is right. Right now, things are beautiful the way they are.”


Ness a closed chapter: Preity Zinta

Ness, Preity Zinta

A smiling Preity Zinta returned to India after a month long tour across Europe and the US. She said that she followed her heart and had a nice time with her friends abroad. The bubbly actress was in news for her breakup with Ness Wadia. Preity admitted that she had parted ways with Ness and said life was filled with unpredictable twists and turns and she has come out of the relationship smiling. She added that these experiences in life help us grow.

Preity said she was completely at peace even though the media was writing about her broken heart and calling her a home breaker. She said she wanted to concentrate on her work so people discuss her professional life rather than her personal one. On the question of being media shy she said she was open to inviting people to her home but definitely not her bedroom as she had to preserve a certain amount of privacy in her life.

Meanwhile Ness seems to have found his new ladylove. The business tycoon is dating Ayesha Thapar, the heiress of Thapar Industries. The two were recently spotted mingling like a love struck couple at a party. The two have been close to each other for a few months now but their proximity gained momentum once Ayesha announced separation from her foreigner husband Engin Yesil. Well Preity surely has a reason to close the chapter on Ness Wadia.


Salman Khan and Sonu Sood to show off body

Salman Khan

Arbaaz Khan has invited Sonu Sood to step outside the shower and show his ripped body alongside Salman Khan’s in his first home production Dabangg.The idea came after Arbaaz struggled to find a match to give the original six-pack star a takkar in the film. He wants to show a bare-bodied fight between the two and this seems to be working well.Both Salman and Sonu are Biharis in the film, but Salman plays a corrupt cop, perhaps his first negative role.

Their roles require them to speak with Bihari accents, which should be a challenge for Salman, he being notorious for an American twang in his dialogue delivery. Sonu, fortunately, had the bright idea of visiting his friend, Bihar’s infamous politician Pappu Yadav, for on-the-spot lessons.The film also marks the debut of Shatrughan Sinha’s gorgeous daughter Sonakshi Sinha opposite Salman.

She won’t be needing any lessons in how to be a Bihari having picked up mannerisms ever since she was dandled on her father’s knee as a baby… Shotgun Sinha being Bihar’s mouthpiece in Bollywood.


Saif gets to keep Kareena and Bipasha


The race in Bollywood to see which actors get the coveted roles of Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton in Abbas-Mustan’s official remakeHollywood’s 2003 hit, The Italian Job, is over. Saif Ali Khan Hollywood’s 2003 hit, The Italian Job, is over. And, the winners have been declared: Saif Ali Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh respectively. The Hollywood film is itself a remake of the 1969 British original by the same name starring Michael Caine. And Abbas-Mastan, Bollywood’s masala-suspense filmmaking brothers, have been considering all our coolest actors from John Abraham to Ranbir Kapoor for the lead roles.

Now, the choice has fallen upon Saif and Neil for this action-crime thriller about thieves planning to pull off the heist of their lives by first creating the biggest traffic jam in LA ever.Saif, actually, was a foregone choice for Wahlberg’s role, because he got on famously with the filmmakers when they worked together on Race. Now he is doing Race 2 also with Abbas-Mustan.It is not known whether the Bollywood version will also be shot in LA like the original, but there is no reason to believe it won’t be. Shooting begins sometime next year.

Abbas said, “We’re changing the original film considerably. There’ll be two important female characters in our version who weren’t there in the original.The Hollywood film had Charlize Theron playing the single female lead. Chances are, Abbas Mastan’s The Italian Job will have Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu.


Saif’s mom wants him to get married soon


Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are deeply in love but when it comes to marriage, they step back. While their parents are eagerly waiting for the day when the two would come to them and give their consent for marriage. It is also a dream for Sharmila Tagore to see his son get married again and settle down. She wanted her son to get married to Kareena as soon as possible. Says Sharmila, “Saif has not communicated to me anything on marrying Kareena but we (Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila) know that he is very serious about her.We are aware that they both need time before they decide to settle down and we are ready to give them that.

Both have come out of their past relationships and we are waiting for them to tell us when they would like to get married.We know that both are very fond of each other and by God’s grace their marriage should happen soon.I cannot tell you which year or month as that totally depends on them. As parents, we would like Saif and Kareena to settle down as soon as possible.” The duo has already got the blessings of their respective parents and now it is up to them when they will tie the knot.

Regarding discussing marriage with Bebo’s family, Sharmila said, “I know Babita very well and our family and Kareena’s family both know how serious they are about each other.As parents we have spoken nothing about their marriage yet but we both have no objection to their relationship or marriage”.


Neha Dhupia collapsed

Neha Dhupia

On a visit to Pow (Prisoner of War) Camp in Vietnam, Neha Dhupia fainted when she learnt about the torture the people over there are meted. She was on a holiday trip to Vietnam and expressed her desire to visit the POW about which she had heard so much.

On visiting there and on listening to their stories of pain and suffering, Neha could not remain stable and she fainted. A friend of her confirmed the incident, “The truth was so bitter and harsh that Neha just could not digest it.

She just fainted on hearing the people’s gruesome stories. Neha was so disturbed by it that she just remained quiet throughout the day. Neha felt slightly better only the next day.”


Sameera Reddy to quit Bollywood

Sameera Reddy

It’s a sad news for actress Sameera Reddy’s fans. She is all set to bid good bye to Bollywood. Sameera has decided to quit Bollywood due to lack of appreciation. Sameera claims that in spite of delivering good number of hits like ‘Maine Dil Tujko Diya’, Darna Mana Hai’, ‘Musafir’, ‘Taxi No 9211’, ‘Race’ nobody appreciated her performance till date.Sameera even panic that despite giving hits, she is workless.She has no films in her hand at the moment.

She even justified her decision of leaving Bollywood saying that she has worked with topmost filmmakers of Bollywood like Abbas Mustan, Ram Gopal Varma, Sanjay Gupta but never got any accolades.What surprised Sameera the most is that nobody even criticized her acting.According to Sameera, if an actress does not receive good remarks for her performance than there is no reason to stick to it and it is better to quit.

Sameera is leaving Bollywood but she is not quitting acting altogether. South is the new address of Sameera as she will now try her luck in Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam films.


Shahid Kapoor’s shirtless saga

Shahid Kapoor

At a time when the likes of John Abraham and Neil Nitin Mukesh are going full-monty in front of the camera, there are actors like Shahid Kapur who restrict themselves to shirtless appearances only.In his forthcoming film Kaminey, Shahid can be spotted running shirtless in one of the scenes. When asked if he felt comfortable taking off his shirt for the first time, he says, “Yes, I think I am quite comfortable now. The demand of the character is such, so I have gone shirtless, but if I had to do the same role a few years ago, I would not have been so comfortable. It would have been difficult for me to take off my shirt then. No I think I am ok with it.”

Shahid Kapur is in a double role in the film and the story revolves around identical twins, who are born and brought up in slums in Mumbai. In the film they are shown in their twenties chasing their dreams to become big one day. They struggle for a life of prosperity and dignity is the theme of the film.Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, this film has generated a lot of publicity for reasons more than one. Besides his shirtless appearance, Shahid Kapoor stammers in one role and lisps in other. When asked about his two different characters, he says that it was very difficult for him because he had to remember every time for which role he had to stammer and for which he had to lisp.

Says he, “I enjoyed doing it because it was a challenging role for me. It was something very new. Everyday I had to remember whether I had to stammer or lisp because at the same location we spent one day shooting for the character who stammers and on the other day for the character who lisps. So it was really a good fun. I thoroughly enjoyed playing both the characters.”


Mallika Sherawat Tweeting in L.A

mallika sherawat

Trust Mallika Sherawat to take us by surprise every time! She is the first Indian star to be invited to visit Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California.The sexy siren has a popular Bollywood presence on Twitter via her page ‘@MallikaLA’. She is also apparently one of the most ‘followed’ Bollywood celebrities on Twitter with more than 2500 fans keen on knowing what the sexy actress is up to.Mallika will be visiting the Twitter headquarters on July 14 where she’ll greet her fans, tour the Twitter office and give inspirational remarks to Twitter employees during their lunch break. Mallika has been using Twitter to keep in touch with fans and document her experiences in Hollywood.

Sherawat, who since arriving in Hollywood has garnered awards, celebrity friends and even a Hollywood milkshake named after her, decided to join the Twittering class as a way to keep in touch with fans back home in India. “One of the hard things about spending time in the U.S. was being so far away from my fans in India,” she said. By “tweeting” her experiences in the States, Mallika says she “hopes to also further the connection between Hollywood and Bollywood.The actress has been regularly posting messages on her experiences in Hollywood, along with giving some tips to men on how to impress women! “It can be fun, and can connect people. And when people are connected, amazing things can happen,” she quips.

Sherawat’s upcoming film Hissss directed by renowned Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch and co-starring Irrfan Khan is currently in post-production stage and is the first Bollywood film to be represented by a major Hollywood agency (William Morris Endeavor).In October, Sherawat will begin production on a new film in which she will be playing a character inspired by San Francisco Attorney General – Kamala Harris.


Salman Khan to auction his paintings for charity

Salman Khan

Not many people are aware of the fact that Bollywood’s original bad boy Salman Khan has an angelic side too! Always in the news for wrong reasons, be it spat with co-stars or jinxed love life, behind all the tough exterior of a macho actor, Salman is truly a magnanimous human being.Known for his artistic tastes, Salman is an avid painter who loves gifting his creations to his family, co-stars and producers to name a few. News has it that Salman is looking forward to make better use of his paintings and therefore is contemplating an auction of his art works to raise funds for his charity organization – Being Human.With several of his paintings stocked up in his Bandra hub and Panvel farmhouse, Salman is selecting the paintings for auction.News has it that Salman is keen to hold the auction and is chalking out the details for the same.Talking to a news daily, a close source said, “Salman has accumulated quite a number of his paintings.

He`s also gifted them to his industry friends like Aamir Khan, Boney Kapoor, Asin and others. However, he still has a huge collection and he wants to use them to raise money for Being Human.Salman has been asking around for the best way and place to hold the auction.Incidentally, Salman will also be selling ‘Being Human’ watches in order to raise money for his charity organization.The hunk of an actor is eager to come out with ‘Being Human’ merchandise to raise charity money. It is believed that Salman is also planning to start a website to facilitate a real time auction as, “He has fans all over the world.For those who can`t attend the auction, he plans to set up a website where people can bid for his work and raise money accordingly”, added the source.

Well, that’s what we call charity begins at home! Incidentally, Salman will also be selling ‘Being Human’ watches in order to raise money for his charity organization. The hunk of an actor is eager to come out with ‘Being Human’ merchandise to raise charity money. It is believed that Salman is also planning to start a website to facilitate a real time auction as, “He has fans all over the world.For those who can`t attend the auction, he plans to set up a website where people can bid for his work and raise money accordingly”, added the source. Well, that’s what we call charity begins at home!


Off screen couples are boring on screen

Saif, kareena

Not for the couple’s sake, but for the sake of their film I hope Shahid and Priyanka are not together any more. Real-life couples are generally boring and bland on screen. With an over-active media feeding us every detail of star lives, real-life couples come visiting us every evening. After watching John and Bipasha cutting ribbons, they don’t cut ice as a fictional couple. I want to see Bipasha with Saif and John with Kangna Ranaut.I’d rather see Priyanka with someone whom she’s not seeing, like Kareena Kapoor was not ‘seeing’ the aforementioned Mr Kapoor by the time Jab We Met came out.Suppose they had been together when Imtiaz Ali’s film was released. Would their chemistry have suggested the mystery that makes a screen couple appear so credible in their exploration of that magical space on the screen? I doubt it. I’m charged up about Saif’s first home production, because I see Saif with a fresh co-star Deepika Padukone, rather than his girlfriend.

Kareena, I’d rather see with Akshay Kumar. In fact one of Akshay’s basic gyan on career management is to work with a very large spectrum of leading ladies.Star pairings should be completely liberated of personal issues and prejudices.If not, then we’ll be forced to enter the comfort zone with couples who want to spend time together, while playing characters they couldn’t care less about. A majority of Rajesh Khanna’s films were with Mumtaz and Sharmila Tagore. But let’s be forthright. No star-pair today can create the magic that he did with his two favourite heroines. Wisely Ranbir too isn’t doing too many films with the love of his life, Deepika.Barring a Bandhe Haath with Mumtaz and Besharam and Faraar with Sharmila, these two ladies hardly ever worked with Amitabh Bachchan, because of Rajesh Khanna. But Khanna, bless his democratic spirit, worked with every heroine from Mala Sinha to Mala Sinha’s colleague Amita’s daughter Sabiha.

The Bollywood girls today need to break the shackles of ‘shelf’ interest and look at what’s good for them. Very soon their innings will be closing and they would’ve big heroes missing from their account.


Deepika and Ranbir on phone chat

Deepika, Ranbir

That’s what Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor seem to be saying these days.Apparently, there have been talks about the two talking for hours on the phone when they’re not together. Now, we know most lovebirds do that, but Deepika doesn’t take the ‘accusation’ too kindly. She says it mars her ‘professional image.“I am committed to my films once I sign them and I am professional when it comes to my work.

Stories of me talking to Ranbir on the phone for hours together when we are not working together are not true. I don’t get distracted by Ranbir once I am on the sets of my film and vice versa. Both Ranbir and I are professionals and know our responsibilities,” said the miffed actor. But talking on the phone is a symbol of love aaj kal, Deeps.


Anil Kapoor stole movie name

Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is in the US, but trouble has reached him all the way from India.He’s riding the Slumdog wave and enjoying the international recognition that the success of the film has brought him (which includes the serial 24). But his production, Short Kut: The Con Is On, ran into trouble recently, just before its release yesterday. A certain BS Bhullar moved the Delhi High Court, alleging that he had planned a film by the same name and had even approached Anil to play the lead in it. He further alleged that the actor’s production company copied the title in an “illegal and unauthorised” manner.However, the film was released on time, after Anil agreed to pay Bhullar Rs 35 lakh. “Haan, aisa hua tha,” says Anil, over the phone from the US. “But one always faces these hiccups before the release of each film.

This has become a regular practice in the industry. I’d rather call it a malpractice. We sorted out the issue and the film released on Friday morning, as it was scheduled to.Does he think this a way to target celebs – filing notices just before the film’s release? Anil’s film isn’t the first – Rakesh Roshan’s Krazzy 4 and many others have faced similar suits. “Yes, it definitely is. These moves are aimed solely at extorting money and it’s sad that some people have made this their business. It’s just about money,” says Anil.The actor, though temporarily upset because of these glitches, is in a happy bubble otherwise. He is in Los Angeles, busy shooting for 24. “It’s a phenomenal show. It’s out of the ordinary and I feel extra special.

I’ve shot four episodes already and I shoot the fifth and sixth today onwards. It is coming together very well and I am having an absolutely great time in LA,” says Anil.But people back here have started missing him. Shekhar Kapur had even said in an interview to DT that he thought Anil won’t come back to India for the next five or ten years because he’s going to lap up so much work on phoren shores. What happens to the sequel of Mr India, then? It is true that I am spending a lot of time outside the country, but it’s also true that my heart is in India. Mera dil to wahin hai… and in whatever time I get between my shooting schedules, I’m found in India. I’m game for Mr India 2.

It all depends on the script. Shekhar has to write the script, he has promised that he is going to write it. The day the script is in, I’ll be on the project. So, Mr India is on!” adds Anil.


I cried when Michael Jackson passed away: Shahrukh


“I cried, it was since long I cried. My wife and kids also cried,”said Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan after hearing about the tragic death of’ King of Pop’ Micheal Jackson. Describing himself an ardent fan of Jackson, Khan said,”I felt very sad. I had met him He was a wonderful creation of God,”

.He was talking to reporters here last night at a ceremony where an Honorary Doctorate was conferred on him by UK&aposs Bedfordshire University.”The only music I knew or heard during the last three four years is that of Michael Jackson. I don&apost have any understanding of other western music,” Khan said.I felt I lost my youth when I heard Michael Jackson pass away,”he added.

The 50-year-old pop icon who died of a suspected cardiac arrest on June 25 was on the verge of making a much awaited comeback in London .The concerts were supposed to be Jackson&aposs first public performance announcing his return to the music world after years of staying in reclusion.


Deepika: I don’t talk to Ranbir for hours


Deepika Padukone is miffed these days, due to the rumors that state that the young love bird talks to her love bird Ranbir Kapoor for hours together on her phone whenever they are apart.

Deepika in her stance says, “I am committed to my films once I sign them and I am professional when it comes to my work. Stories of me talking to Ranbir on the phone for hours together when we are not working together are not true. I don’t get distracted by Ranbir once I am on the sets of my film and vice versa. Both Ranbir and I are professionals and know our responsibilities.”

Deepika you are endorsing a top telecom brand, you should be on phone ‘coz its in aaj Kal.


Sania Mirza gets hooked


Sania Mirza got engaged to her childhood friend Mohammed Sohrab Mirza yesterday.Sania Mirza wore a light golden and emerald green swarovski studded ensemble worth 20 million rupees by designer duo Shantanu-Nilkhil which she wanted to match with her antique jadawi-zewar(Choker). Sohrab sealed the union with a solitaire ring worth a whooping 10 million rupees.

Like it folks?


Katrina goes on dream birthday holiday


Katrina Kaif is all set to go on a holiday to celebrate her latest flick New York’s success.

Katrina says, “Akshay had his party for Kambkakkt Ishq. I want to be here for our party.”

“It’s a very special film for all of us. And I didn’t want to miss the moment for anything. Besides, all my sisters aren’t reaching London until 14th. So I can delay by a day.”

Katrina is going on a 3 month long holiday with her Kaif family and will be celebrating her birthday with them.

She says, “We net-searched, googled and finally found a place we wanted to visit.It was tough because there was no place the entire family would agree on. Or if we all liked a place there was no vacancy. We finally found a place that we all liked.”

“Quite honestly I haven’t been with my whole family for a long time. I’ve been preparing for my holiday for ages. I’ve been working like a mad woman trying to finish all my work on time. It got specially hectic as the time for me to leave approached. I was dubbing for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and shooting two songs for Priyan’s De Dana Dan. At one point I thought I wouldn’t finish on time. But I did. And I’m really looking forward to my time with my family.”

Talking about her birthday she says, “I know my sisters and brother have planned something. Let me enjoy the suspense.”

Enjoy baby!


Shahid is like Aamir: Amole


Shahid Kapoor is going to portray the most difficult of his life till now, where he plays the role of twins- one who stammer and other who lisps.

Amole Gupte, who is playing the role of villain in Kaminey says, “When Shahid played Guddu, who stammers, he completely internalized all of the character’s traits, including the stammer, so the character doesn’t end up looking like a caricature.”

Shahid stayed on the sets throughout and did not retreat into his vanity van to keep absorbing the ambience and the sweaty milieu in which Guddu and Charlie had to function in their own separate ways. I know that Pankaj works in the same way. I truly believe that Shahid has inherited his father’s ability and style of performing without appearing to act. It is definitely in his genes. When you’re facing the camera with a co-star, you become compatriots in the canvas of characterization. I was startled by Shahid’s passion for excellence. I saw the same quality in Aamir Khan (Taare Zameen Par).”

So do we see another perfectionist in the making?


SRK bangaya doctor


Check out Shahrukh Khan receiving honorary doctorate for his outstanding contribution in arts and culture from famous University of Berdfordshire situated in London.

SRK says,“My wife is here too. She thinks being a doctor is really serious stuff. Of all my achievements as an actor, this one is a special achievement.”

“I will entertain like Walt Disney where he says I will entertain and help people learn. But if you are asking if I will make films to teach people ABC then I doubt it, you won’t see them. But I will make films that people can go and see for three hours and then come back and study hard for their exams.”

“On one wall, where I have my personal desk, where I keep my scripts, I have the Padmashri, the French honour, the Malaysiann honour and this one will also go there. The Filmfare awards are in front of me so I am like a megalomaniac, self-centered person who likes to be surrounded by his awards.”

Congratulations, Dr.SRK.


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