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>> Sunday, July 12, 2009


Check out Shahrukh Khan receiving honorary doctorate for his outstanding contribution in arts and culture from famous University of Berdfordshire situated in London.

SRK says,“My wife is here too. She thinks being a doctor is really serious stuff. Of all my achievements as an actor, this one is a special achievement.”

“I will entertain like Walt Disney where he says I will entertain and help people learn. But if you are asking if I will make films to teach people ABC then I doubt it, you won’t see them. But I will make films that people can go and see for three hours and then come back and study hard for their exams.”

“On one wall, where I have my personal desk, where I keep my scripts, I have the Padmashri, the French honour, the Malaysiann honour and this one will also go there. The Filmfare awards are in front of me so I am like a megalomaniac, self-centered person who likes to be surrounded by his awards.”

Congratulations, Dr.SRK.


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