Shahid is like Aamir: Amole

>> Sunday, July 12, 2009


Shahid Kapoor is going to portray the most difficult of his life till now, where he plays the role of twins- one who stammer and other who lisps.

Amole Gupte, who is playing the role of villain in Kaminey says, “When Shahid played Guddu, who stammers, he completely internalized all of the character’s traits, including the stammer, so the character doesn’t end up looking like a caricature.”

Shahid stayed on the sets throughout and did not retreat into his vanity van to keep absorbing the ambience and the sweaty milieu in which Guddu and Charlie had to function in their own separate ways. I know that Pankaj works in the same way. I truly believe that Shahid has inherited his father’s ability and style of performing without appearing to act. It is definitely in his genes. When you’re facing the camera with a co-star, you become compatriots in the canvas of characterization. I was startled by Shahid’s passion for excellence. I saw the same quality in Aamir Khan (Taare Zameen Par).”

So do we see another perfectionist in the making?


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