Salman Khan returns Shilpa’s favour

>> Monday, July 6, 2009

Salman, Shilpa

We keep hearing about Salman Khan’s generosity. But did you know that he owed big time to Ms Shilpa Shetty? Well, if my friend the birdie, is to be believed, Salman was indebted to Shetty for a very long time. And to take their friendship a step further, Khan has invited the lady to his TV show Dus Ka Dum.The episode has already been shot and the amount won has been donated to a charity.A little birdie tells me, “It is a known fact that Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty have been the best of friends. They share a strong bond on and off screem.

Shiklpa respects Khan a lot. She has stood by his side in times of crisis and vice versa.The two apparently became very good friends when Shilpa at the peak of her career agreed to star opposite Salman in Sohail Khan’s debut venture Auzaar. Salman who wanted to launch Sohail as a director in a big way has not forgotten Shetty’s favour till date.


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