Neil and Aarya get close

>> Monday, July 6, 2009


Aarya Babbar, who plays a convict in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail, and his co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh seem to have become good friends on the sets of the movie. On the last day of the shoot, Aarya, who is a huge James Bond fan (he even has a collection of original posters and cool collectables of Bond movies) wanted to gift Neil something special to commemorate their friendship.

Neil had once told him about an office he wanted to set up, and how he wanted it to be cool and different. So Aarya gifted Neil, who also shares a passion for Bond movies, the poster of Dr NO, the first Bond film ever.Shooting for Jail was very special, I enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

Throughout the shooting, Neil and I shared many conversations, talking about films we liked and stuff, and I thought this would be the perfect gift for his new office,” said Aarya.


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