Celina Jaitley’s Gay love gets her emotional

>> Friday, July 3, 2009

The Delhi high court judgment of making homosexuality legal on July 2 must have as sigh of relief for many homosexuals out there. However, post judgment one person who could withhold herself for expressing her emotions was tinsel town diva Celina Jaitley.

“With great pride and tears I would like to congratulate the entire LGBT community. Homosexuality is now legal in India. Our long battle is won and with pride can the gay walk with their heads held high,” says Celina.

Under Section 377, a law from the British Raj era says homosexuality and unnatural sex is a criminal act. Decriminalizing homosexuality has come as an amendment of this law. Thus, this judgement has become a benchmark in the history of law.

And yes, let me clarify something else. Celina herself doesnt belong to that group!


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