Jiah-Genelia war hots up!

>> Friday, December 11, 2009


After Katrina and Deepika, Genelia D’souza and Jiah Khan are the latest pretty girls in Bollywood who don’t get along.A source tells us, ‘It is only natural that Genelia and Jiah don’t get along because Jiah was originally supposed to do Chance Pe Dance. She shot for it but was unceremoniously replaced by Genelia D’souza because Shahid and Ken weren’t very happy with her behaviour on set or performance. So it is natural for her to harbour hard feeling towards Genelia. Shahid hasn’t said anything about Jiah and used to keep a distance from her on the sets but he is all praise for Genelia, whom he calls G. He has also said that he and Genelia make a good pair.All this hasn’t gone down well with Jiah who was left along to sulk.’

The source adds, ‘This isn’t the only reason why Jiah has problems with Genelia. Jiah’s role in Ghajini was unfairly edited, so she felt she got a raw deal after tom-tomming about bagging such a big film. She felt insulted. It was Aamir who would have put his foot down regarding retaining her role but he didn’t. On the other hand, Genelia had a very meaty role in Aamir Khan’s Jaane Tu yaa Jaane Naa, though the film was supposed to be a show reel for Imran Khan.Clearly, Aamir favoured Genelia as he helped her buy a flat in Mumbai, took care of her, and unlike Jiah, who he romances in Ghajini, went out of his way to support Genelia in a film where she starred with his nephew.’ Poor Jiah hardly has any friends in Bollywood and she hasn’t had an easy run.

What’s worse is that she isn’t media savvy. Miss Khan was replaced by Dia in Tumsa Nahin Dekha, her debut film Nishabd flopped; she was shortchanged in Ghajini and then dropped from Chance Pe Dance. She only has Sajid Khan’s Housefull coming up in which Deepika and Lara are the other heroines. Reportedly, they ostracized her on the sets. Ken Ghosh said, “Jiah did not fit the part in CPD so she was not taken for the film. She has a three film deal with UTV and she’ll have to sort it with them. Genelia was more suited to my film’s character, so she was taken. There is no scene with Jiah.”


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