Priyanka caught in Amrita’s outfit!

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra was recently caught in Amrita Rao’s dress! No, that’s not quite it. She was caught wearing an outfit similar to one that Amrita wore some days ago. And what’s more –both dresses come from the same designer –Swapnil Shinde.Priyanka wore the outfit for a party on Friday. Meanwhile, Amrita had worn the same outfit on TV ten days ago. Priyanka is probably unaware of the goof-up.

Swapnil confirmed that the outfit that Priyanka was wearing was by him and that she had liked it a lot, as her stylist called him up to tell him that she was complimented for that dress a lot. He also added that Priyanka called him up asking him for an outfit and he had about three or four gold outfits ready. He confirmed that even Amrita’s outfit was by him. But he denies the outfits being the same. He simply states that the outfits have a similar design.

Now, we’re not so sure this is going to go down very well with Priyanka, even though she hasn’t commented on the issue.Amrita remarked that Priyanka probably was unaware that they both had the same outfit or even if she knew, it didn’t matter to her as she looks like a diva, no matter what’s she’s wearing.


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