King Khan to stop using SRK Twitter

>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bollywood megastar Shahrukh Khan is actually fed up of Twitter. SRK announced some hours ago that he will be closing his Twitter account and today will feature his last only some tweets. The actor mentioned that he hates Twitter and perhaps for clear causes. As you can see from a screenshot of his Twitter Profile above, Shahrukh Khan is soon going to close the IAMSRK Twitter Account.With an ever growing followers list in such a small time, many of Shahrukh Khan’s Twitter followers didn’t expect this on a 1st of April.
According to news, ShahRukh Khan’s mention of closing his Twitter account is not an April Fool joke and he is serious about it. From reports gathered across the actor’s close ones, ShahRukh Khan feels that Twitter is reducing his originality level and he spends much time procrastinating. Ever since the account is a established one, Twitter must be informed of this step.
The account is likely to be deactivated by April 3rd 2010.


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