Heated Arguments between Anushka and Shahid

>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor let off steam and lost his calm during the shooting of a special episode of his upcoming film Badmash Company at the Zoom studios previous this week in an complete U-turn of what was meant to be a cheery, fun-filled shoot. Shahid Kapoor was along with Anushka Sharma, Chang and Vir-his co-stars to shoot for the special episode ‘Badmaash Company’.
Debate was going easily with everybody giving their take on the movie, the characters they played and experiences while shooting for the film, until broke lose when Shahid’s honest responses during the interview became painful for his co-stars. The situation went totally out of hand when over the issue of superiority the stars actually got into a heated row.
In fact Shahid  Kapoor stated that the three newcomers took time to get into the groove, at which all his three co-stars reacted very powerfully. First Anushka jumped into the argument between Shahid Kapoor and Chang when Shahid Kapoor snapped at her. Eventually it went to the extent that Anushka Sharma had to ask shahid Kapoor to shut up.
Shahid Kapoor lost his cool and walked out of the show leaving his co-stars totally embarrassed.


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