Aamir says don’t watch Raakh

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009


Aamir’s first feature flick Raakh is re-releasing, but Aamir is not happy about it. Aamir is strongly backing the producers in the ongoing multiplex strike war and he feels that his film being released in multiplexes during the strike is not a good thing.

Aamir says, “Raakh is my second film and was released in 1990. Currently the person holding the rights is being opportunistic and is trying to make a quick buck by releasing the film during the strike. Also, the multiplexes might buy into the film in order to try and score a point over me and the unity of the producers. I therefore request my fans to stay away from all my films if they are released in any National Multiplex Chain during this period of struggle.”

However the people who are releasing Raakh say, “It’s a great film that deserves another chance. It’s not yet decided if we will release it in single screen theaters or multiplexes. We will do whatever is best for the film but the film has a lot of potential for single screen theaters, specially in the interiors, where they might not have multiplexes.”

So folks will you be supporting Aamir by not watching Raakh!!!


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