Palampur Express’s connection

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

It’s very commonly seen and noticed by us that most of the reality shows on the television are inspired by the international shows. But there is a new show on television which looks like as if it has taken its inspiration from an advertisement. Yes, we are talking about the show Palampur Express from whose promos we can make out that it has somewhere taken its inspiration from the famous Tata Indicom advertisement which used to come on TV few months back. In this ad there was one small town girl who aspires to become an athlete and she wakes up early in the morning to keep herself fit and this is the same feeling which we get when we see the promos of Palampur express. The concept of the ad was quite nice but we really don’t know whether the show is fully on the concept or only a theme has been taken. But whatever it is, we will get to know after the show comes on air .And we hope that we get to see some nice and good concept through this inspirational show.


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