The Bachchan siblings in a never-before mood

>> Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The 7th anniversary issue of L-Officiel India is special in the sense that for the first time it brings the Royal and young brother and sister Bachchan to grace a magazine cover together. Talking about Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Nanda (Bachchan), they adorn the cover of the fashion magazine in its latest issue all adorned in Louis Vuitton’s new collection.

Shweta is all praises for the shoot which was done in London and says, “I was more comfortable doing this shoot, than the first one (September 2006)”. For Abhishek too, the shoot was special as he goes on to say, “It was weird. We’ve done one or two photo shoots before when we were kids and that too, with our parents which was around 15-16 years ago!”

The issue is different in itself as it gives the usual spicy lovers story a skip and instead talks about the siblings love and adoration for each other. Abhishek, on his own admission, says “We’ve (Shweta and him) always grown up together, we’ve always been to the same schools, same college, we shared a room and everything… We can fight like cats and dogs, but we’re intensely protective of each other. And I know that there’s a great amount of love”. He also goes onto add, “When we were growing up, it was just the four of us (Big B, Jaya, Shweta and him) and we were very, very insular. We’ve always known that for the unique position that we were in, it was only the four of us who could understand that situation in totality. And because our parents are who they are, we’ve always trusted each other more than anybody else.”

Well, if you want to have a sneek-peak into what it feels like to be Bachchan kids, grab a copy for yourself before every single piece gets sold out!


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