Abhishek and Vidya thrown out of Cambridge

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan, who are back from London after shooting the final schedule of R Balki’s Pa, had a rather peculiar experience while they were there. Abhishek and Vidya were asked to leave the Cambridge University grounds just seconds before Balki was about to call ‘Action’. Reason – they were standing on one of the small lawns in the university premises. The Cambridge campus has a strict rule – nobody is allowed to stand on the grassy areas. Only the scholars are allowed to do so,” says a source.The incident happened on June 20 at 6.30am. Balki and his crew thought they would shoot in peace as they expected very few people on the campus early in the morning.

They had already got the required permissions and everything was ready.Suddenly the college authorities asked them to pack up. The authorities told them they couldn’t shoot on the grassy area and since they had broken a rule, they should leave immediately. Balki tried to reason with them, but to no avail,” says the source.Soon after, the unit left the university. The laws are very strict in London. Abhishek, Vidya and others felt it would be imprudent to continue arguing,” adds the source.As a result, the unit lost over two hours of shooting. They did shoot the particular scene but in another college, which was far away from the spot where the fracas had happened. This time, Balki didn’t want to take chances and decided to shoot on a non-grassy area.The green backdrop was not really necessary.

Moreover, they could not afford to lose any more time,” says the source.Balki remained unavailable for comment.Pa, slated for a year-end release, will have Abhishek playing Amitabh’s father in the film. Amitabh plays a man suffering from progeria, because of which he ages much faster than others.


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