Chirpy Priyanka Chopra tweets on ‘Twitter’

>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

With the aim of promoting her forthcoming movie, ‘Kaminey’, Priyanka Chopra is regularly using the social networking site ‘Twitter’ these days. The twitter page of the beautiful and gorgeous actress can be found on It was Shahid Kapoor who introduced Priyanka to ‘Twitter’ advising her to use it in order to get in touch with her international fans and also to promote ‘Kaminey’. Now, Priyanka makes it a point to update her account at least once a day.

Though Shahid has been on ‘Twitter’ since last year but has become more active from April this year. Both Priyanka and Shahid were read discussing the release date of their movie. Where Priyanka has 10 members following her, Shahid Kapoor has around 3042.

Priyanka Chopra’s updates on ‘Twitter’ also express her feelings on the loss of Michael Jackson. It says, “I cannot believe it! MJ no more… He was the reason I started loving music. Thank you MJ the inspiration for all of us. The true king of pop.”


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