Salman Khan’s mother reveals his secrets

>> Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salman Khan

You must be wondering why Salman Khan isn’t getting married and why the actresses who were involved with him finally didn’t marry him. It’s not just his over possessiveness that irks the ladies involved with him but his mother revealed what it is on Farah Khan’s chat show.It was a Salman Khan’s show but gradually his mother Salma stole the show. Her candid nature almost gave the entire show a touch of one being at home. And it was then when she revealed so much about her son. At various points Salman got embarrassed and even the audiences were surprised.It’s Farah who later said, “Salman’s father Salim Khan had taped his byte in which he said that Salman always falls in love with actresses but then wants them to give up everything and stays at home much like the most special woman in his life … his mother.

He went on to say that Salman had been spoilt silly by his mother.Salman’s mother said that she wanted Salman to settle down soon, He will make a very good father,” said Salma. With such facts Salman might have to wait more beware Katrina.


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