Arnold asks Shahrukh Khan out

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009


California Governor and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has invited King Khan Shah Rukh for a dinner date. This comes right after the humiliation Shah Rukh went through at the Newark Airport. The actor was held back as airport authorities were suspicious of his surname. Khan went through secondary interrogation and the entire racial discrimination episode caused a flurry in India. Shah Rukh only yesterday reached Indian shores and was bombarded by the press on the entire situation being a publicity stunt for his upcoming film.

Political Honcho Amar Singh also termed it as a publicity stunt for My Name is Khan which is based on the same lines. While Shah Rukh rubbished the allegations, he was appalled by the type of attention the situation had got. ‘Its not as big as some are making it seem, while I was disappointed with whatever transpired at the airport, its no publicity stunt at all,’ he confirmed with local press. At the time being there is no news whether or not Shah Rukh has accepted Arnie’s invitation and for now it seems that the dinner date has been postponed to September 20th.

Shah Rukh should kiss and make up and maybe even ask Arnie to make a special appearance in My Name is Khan, make him dance to his tunes, what say! That would be payback alright!


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