Ex-lovers Bipasha Basu, Dino live it up!

>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bipasha Basu, Dino

Former lovers Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea were seen living it up at a party held at a suburban nightclub last week.The two were together till the wee hours at the party, which was a going away party for a common friend who was leaving for the US for good. A source present at the party said, “Everybody was surprised to see Bipasha and Dino partying together last week. The two haven’t been seen much together after they called it quits and Bipasha started seeing John Abraham. Perhaps the two hanging out together had something to do with a certain Mr Abraham being away in London. As for the Bipasha-Dino equation, despite parting ways, the two have been good friends and no animosity was ever witnessed between them over the years. But seeing the two old lovers partying together did raise quite a few eyebrows.

Commenting on the party, the source added, “It was a farewell party organised by Bipasha and her friend Rocky S for one of their close friends. Unfortunately, John couldn’t be present at the party as he is busy shooting for Abbas Tyrewala’s film, 1-800-LOVE, in London. Dino was also invited to the party.Bipasha confirmed the news and said, “John’s best friend, Vicky, was leaving for America so decided to have a farewell party. All my friends, John’s friends and family got together. Unfortunately, John is in London and he missed all the fun that night.Rocky S, designer and a close friend of Bipasha, said, “Yes, Bipasha, Dino and a few of our friends did party together. We like to hang out together and also party once in a while.

Dino is a close friend of ours.Commenting on the party and also his relationship with Bipasha, Dino said, “John’s brother was there too. I completely respect the relationship John and Bipasha share. Trying to put two and two together doesn’t make sense in this case. They’re very happy together and that’s how things are. Bipasha is like family to me ever since we moved to Mumbai (years ago).”


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