Salman again takes a dig at Shahrukh

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Bollywood biggest Cold War needs just small sparks for new flares. Both Shahrukh and Salman miss no chance of taking a dig at each other. Just when the entire Bollywood stayed shocked to Shahrukh Khan’s detention at the Newark International Airport Salman said there was no big deal about it. Salman said that it was a normal security procedure and he had faced it several times in his life. He added that the security measure was actually a very Good thing.

Salman also said that if the detention was considered necessary by US Customs and Border Protection anybody flying to the United States must cooperate with their authorities. Trying to prove his point Salman stressed on the fact that there had been no major attacks since 9/11 because of the stringent security measures adopted in US.

Comeon Salman there are better occasions to take a dig as the question here is not Shahrukh along but all Indians flying to US.


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