Vivek Oberoi avoiding Salman Khan

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Vivek, salman

Salman has always been vocal about his displeasure for Vivek in his interviews even till now. Vivek on the other hand has been trying in vain to seek forgiveness from him but to no avail. So it has not been surprising that Vivek is nowadays avoiding coming face to face with Salman Khan at events and parties. The Tuesday August 11th late night party of producer Ramesh Taurani celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary was yet another example.

We saw Vivek rush immediately to the front main entrance to leave the party when Salman Khan arrived. Vivek was so much in hurry to flee the venue that when his driver arrived he hoped in the car and told his driver to shift to the next seat. But just when he was getting into the car when we asked him why has he been strategically planning his exits to avoid Salman’s entries to parties, Vivek diplomatically replied, “Oh is it so? No I don’t think so. There is nothing like that.” After saying which he kept grinning mischievously

Around six years back, Vivek Oberoi took a panga with Salman Khan by making their personal matter public in front of the entire National media. As fate would have it, Vivek’s career literally nosedived since then and till date he is struggling to find a good stronghold in the industry whereas newcomers who came after him like Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan and even Neil Nitin Mukesh today are at a much better standing than him in Bollywood.


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