Asin opposed to skin show and vulgarity on screen

>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

At a time when even established actresses are resorting to skin show to grab big deals and projects, Asin, the new comer from South, is very particular about the fact that she will never go for roles which demand vulgarity and exposing.

“I would never do something that is baseless, vulgar and indecent… something I am not comfortable doing and therefore can’t do justice with,” Asin said.

She also added that her criteria for selecting films include script, role, director, producer and then co-artist. “Language or financial issues never determine what film I want to do,” she said.

Just one film old, this pretty and talented actress from South selects her roles very carefully. At present, she is awaiting the release of ‘London Dreams’ opposite Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan where she plays a rock star. She is busy these days with a line of endorsements and a Disney film titled 19th Step.


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