Kareena’s statement a shocker for Shahrukh Khan!

>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shahrukh, Kareena

Everyone in the Bollywood industry knows about the growing rivalry between Badshah Khan and Aamir Khan. Bebo Dear put more fuel to the whole thing just to clear her stand that she is equally with Aamir as she is with Shahrukh! She gave Aamit the title of emperor on which Shahrukh has a bigger hand than anyone else. It’s nothing but demeaning the actor. She went on and said that an actress career is incomplete if she has not worked with Aamir Khan as he is the ultimate icon of the Bollywood clan. Now that’s quite a humble statement Bebo!

But someone must have felt very hurt. It is assumed that Shahrukh’s popularity is sinking day by day with actors like Ranbir Kapoor who is almost snatching The Yashraj Productions from Shahrukh.His magic can be found no more. Shahrukh can be seen in a sinking ship though we expect something good to happen with the actor after the release of My Name Is Khan. We can see that Shahrukh’s near and dear ones turning their face off! Can’t help Shahrukh it’s all part of the game called Bollywood.


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