Asin’s bullock cart ride to airport

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Asin Thottumkal is factually following the path of Bollywood’s favourite actor Salman Khan, who is known for brash ways, mercurial temper and quirky character and has a desire for the unusual- hopping into rickshaws and riding bicycles to the film sets. Recently, Bollywood actress Asin, who had to catch a flight for Mumbai from Madurai airport, travelled in a bullock cart. Talking to a news daily, a close source said, “It is a two-hour drive to Madurai airport from Kairaikudi. Asin was to catch a flight to Mumbai and was accompanied by three friends.
On the way, they spotted a bullock cart and one thing led to another. When her friends challenged Asin to ride on it, she instantly agreed.” However, when Asin decided to leave the car and choose the bullock cart, the owner was totally surprise. “He initially thought that Asin just wanted to click some pictures, but when she asked to ride in the bullock cart, he was shocked. Since the flight was a little belated, Asin and her friends had some time on hand, so they travelled in the bullock cart for over 25 minutes before getting back in the car,” added the source.Even as the bullock cart owner was astonished, people travelling in close proximity were confused to see the actress.
“Some of them came running to ask her for autographs. It was an risky ride for the actress and she enjoyed it thoroughly,” finally added the source. When contacted, the spokesman of Asin confirmed the news and said, “She has an adventurous streak and enjoyed the bullock cart ride.”


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