Aamir & SRK’s secret meetings

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The producers-multiplex owners war has taken a bitter turn ‘coz Bollywood has not seen a big movie release in the last two months and this matter is being seriously followed and worked on upon by Bollywood’s big Khans SRK-Aamir.

The two Khans are said to be having secret meetings away from the media lights and flashbulbs.

A producer says, “The last time, the papers, the news channels and internet sites focussed only on the Aamir-SRK grand union, they completely ignored the cause.

The stars themselves realised this and made it a point to keep their second meeting a completely low-key affair. The multiplex strike still continues despite efforts from every big name in Bollywood to put an end to it. And, Aamir and SRK are very concerned.”

Well lets hope their meetings transform into big releases the coming month.


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