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Sonam Kapoor & Cyrus Sahukar - The new love birds??

He had played the character of a photographer in ‘Delhi 6’ and now he is also there in Sonam Kapoor’s upcoming lick ‘Ayesha’. Working in two films together have given Sonam Kapoor and VJ Cyrus Sahukar enough time to know and develop a soft corner for each other.

The Bollywood gossip columns are abuzz with the rumours that Sonam and Cyrus have been seeing each other since the past few months. The foundation of this friendship (read romance) was laid with their first film together ‘Delhi 6’. The two are extremely fond of each other and enjoy spending quality time together. They usually hang out together and were recently spotted together at a suburban restaurant.”

Few months ago, Cyrus had said, “Sonam beats me up randomly. I think she was my doctor in my last life. Whenever I’m a little low, she electrocutes me.”

However, Sonam has denied any kind of truth behinf these rumours, but don’t they truly say that there is no smoke without fire!!


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