Celina Jaitley snubs Sambhavana in public!

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celina Jaitley

Everyone knows what a staunch supporter Celina Jaitley is of gay rights. So it wasn’t a surprise that the face of gay movement in Mumbai showed up at the Gay Pride Parade last Sunday. As it seemed, Celina Jaitley was not the only celebrity at the parade. Bhojpuri actress and Bigg Boss 2 star Sambhavana Seth also made her presence felt at the event. However all did not go well for Sambhavana who was walking with a bunch of friends and apparently felt the mob crowding around her. Mid-Day reports a girl then approached Celina Jaitley, who was in the midst of a private security cordon to accommodate Sambhavana Seth too. And Celina refused.

“I am shocked and appalled by Celina’s behaviour. I did not attend the parade to get publicity or hog the limelight. I was there to support my friends and didn’t even bother getting security for myself. I expected Celina to show some respect towards me as woman, if not as a colleague. She denied me entry into her area not once, but thrice,” Sambhavana Seth was quoted by the paper as having said. The Bhojpuri star also claims that after Bigg Boss 2, Celina had once walked up to her and told her how entertaining she was. Interestingly Celina claims to have never known Sambhavana Seth. “I don’t know how she looks like and I didn’t even know she was there so how could I ignore her security.

Also there were enough policemen around to take care of those marching so she could have approached them for help. There was no way any woman could get mobbed or manhandled since it was a gay parade,” she said. Defending her decision to hire security personnel, Celina Jaitley said that she had done so because she had been receiving threats. “If she (Sambhavana) was really concerned about security, she should’ve arranged it for herself,” Celina Jaitley told the paper.


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