Disappointed Amitabh threatens to stop blogging

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009


He is 66 years old but no actor in Bollywood blogs as regularly as him. He keeps connected to his fans and well wishers ever since his blog was launched. But he has threatened to stop blogging if readers continue to post harsh comments. Yes, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is visibly disappointed with some comments.

A few hospital visits with my friend for routine checks and balances, a stop over at the chemist store en route, to get some tie ups for the back, the gym and the pedometer racing away to near 8,500 steps, to the room to respond to comments and a heavy heart to witness a few familia extendum, using the platform of this medium to get personal and ugly with each other,” wrote Amitabh on his blog.

And each hashed comment that I came across as I scrolled down to the last, that indulged in a slang match, felt like a stab in my precarious rib cage. So here are the options. Either you stop or I stop,” he added. Well, readers should stop posting harsh comments and let the superstar pour his experience and wisdom to his fans. His fans need him as much as he needs them!


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