Shahid Kapoor runs away from Priyanka Chopra

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shahid Kapoor

Rumours are rife that Shahid Kapoor is leaving his sprawling apartment in Raj Classic as he is tired of being linked with neighbour and co-star Priyanka Chopra. Sources close to the actor said, Shahid has been checking out places for a long time now, and has fallen in love with a four bedroom apartment in Juhu, he is tired of the link-up stories with Priyanka and wants to put that all behind him now.

Shahid’s 14th floor apartment in Raj Classic is the envy of many, known as one of the most influential buildings in the city, his father Pankaj Kapoor is just a floor below him and mother Neelima Azam is a couple of blocks away.When we quizzed Shahid in a recent interview, he laughed off the rumours of the relationship saying, “Any co-star or girl I speak to, the media goes on to link me with them.

Priyanka is a good friend and a great co-star, nothing more than that.He also takes his apartment to be the greatest asset in his life and to know that the actor is making a getaway from all things Piggy Chops will obviously be something to report, we mean look out for.


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