Sonam Kapoor is Jane Austen’s Emma

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

sonam kapoor

Jane Austen’s classic novel Emma is all set to be adapted into a film by none other than Anil Kapoor and daughter Sonam Kapoor will play the protagonist in the Indian version titled Ayesha.I definitely think it’s a role of a lifetime for me and I am very lucky to have it so early in my career,” said Sonam, who has just shot an ad with her father. From Alicia Silverstone to Gwyneth Paltrow to even Kate Benkingsale, many Hollywood stars have tried their own emulations of the 1815 classic and clearly this could be one of Sonam’s most testing roles.”It’s going to be very interesting for me, but dad is not making this film for me. He is making it because he loves the story too,” says the proud daughter.

Reports are that it was Sonam’s persuasion that got her dad to take up the project in the first place and since Sonam also roped in director Rajshree Ojha for the project, we’re actually wondering who calls the shots on sets.”It was my daughter who convinced me to take up this project. She is a better reader, so in that sense she knows a lot more than me. A lot of people associated with the film are newcomers, so I think it’ll be exciting,” said Anil Kapoor, whose recent production Shortkut-The Con in On flopped at the Box Office.

And while Sonam may be all set to adapt herself to this story of misconstrued romance opposite Abhay Deol in real life, she’s hardly in the mood for love.My father just wants me to be in a relationship, but I think I’m too independent now. So, get set catch Sonam’s transition from the bubbly Masakali to the elegant and poised Ayesha, as the film aims for a 2009 release.


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