Shahrukh Khan gets nostalgic

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009


SRK gets nostalgic while giving a lecture recently SRK played the role of a quizmaster to host the 4Ps business and marketing quiz DARE 09 and recalled his poverty/kadki days. SRK talking to the students said, ’’I’m the most successful failure. My mother didn’t live long enough to see me become a superstar. Ab pata nahin Delhi mein yeh word use karte hain ya nahin, but there were times jab meri kudki ho gayi thi.

Kudki is when you lose everything and you’re on the road. I equated poverty to failure at one point in my life. I didn’t want to be poor. So I did Deewana, a film that Armaan Kohli had refused. I did Baazigar that my friend Salman didn’t want to do.I acted in Darr because Aamir turned it down and I worked in Dil Aashna Hai because Saif refused it. These films paid well and I was working to avoid unemployment. When Dilip saab (Dilip Kumar) and I were watching my Devdas, I asked him, ‘Why did you do Devdas?

And he said, ‘Pata nahin. Tab ek lakh rupaiya mila tha’. Then success happened… My speech ends. Normally, people clap now.”


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