Abhay puts Sonam’s delays to good use

>> Friday, October 23, 2009

Abhay, Sonam

Abhay Deol surely knows how to make the best use of time. His differences with Sonam Kapoor on the sets of Aisha were discussed at length recently.Sources on the sets of the much-awaited film reported that the two young- actors got into a non-friendly mode as Sonam reportedly took a long time in getting her make- up done, which use to lead to delay in the shooting.Now, we hear that Abhay has come up with a better idea.Instead of wasting his time and talking about it, he got his personal trainer to teach him the art of ‘defensive fighting’. It is a form of martial art called Krav Maga.

This is an art form which he wanted to learn for a long time.”He has been spending time with his personal trainer in order to learn the art form,” a source said.Apparently, Abhay will have to make use of this art form in his next film, so he is preparing for it much in advance.We hear the relationship between Abhay and Sonam was warm initially. But, later on, when some issues cropped up between the two, it surprised many. Since Abhay is a thorough professional, he is not gossiping about it. We also learnt that there were several technical glitches on the sets, which used to delay the work.

But Abhay is pretending everything is fine and is trying to keep a straight face so that the shooting of the film gets over at the earliest.Once Abhay finishes his portion of shooting for Sonam’s film, he will devote his time to learning Krav Maga for his next secret project. A smart guy, we think!


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