Main Aurr Mrs Khanna lacks passion and energy

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna’ falls in category of those movies, which despite of great star cast and huge publicity fails to deliver what it promises, entertainment. Even presence of Bollywood hottie Kareena Kapoor and Bollywood hunk Salman Khan couldn’t hold interest in the movie.The movie is based on the theme of martial problem where a husband after losing his jobs asks his wife to leave so that he go and find work in distant shores.

Samir Khanna (Salman) asks his wife, Raina (Kareena), to go back to Dalhousie when he fails to find re-employment in Melbourne.Samir goes to work in Singapore meanwhile Raina decides to stay back in Melbourne. With the help of friends, she is able get a job and a house. For the sake of visa, she pretends to marry the friendly bartender, Akash (Sohail Khan).As usual bartender falls in love with Mrs. Khanna but Raina’s loyalties still lies with her husband.

Drama ensues when Samir finds his wife living in this complicated situation.The movie is devoid of passion despite been presence of feisty actors like Salman Khan and Sohail Khan. Even Kareena fails to spark life in character of Mrs. Khanna.


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