Ranbir and Deepika in trying waters again

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ranbir, Deepika

The fights and arguments between the most talked about youngest couple of B-Land, Ranbir and Deepika is in air again. The last was on Sunday night, after which Ranbir left for the Rajneeti outdoor in Bhopal. Sources say they have been fighting last week as well and Deepika almost didn’t come for Karan Johar’s fashion show. The couple was together at the event though, but the undercurrent of stress was obvious to everyone.

Sources close to the couple say that they are currently not on speaking terms. An insider says, “Everyone knows that Neetu never really approved of Deepika for her son even though Ranbir tried and succeeded, to a large extent, to make his mom thaw towards his girl.”In spite of being totally committed to the relationship, Deepika feels Ranbir is not making a commitment to her and perhaps waiting for the green signal from his mom. On the other hand, Ranbir feels that he is too young to get engaged.

A friend of the actress says, “They are together. Fights happen in every relationship. This is the eighth time that everyone’s convinced they are heading for a split. But it’s all
fine. They’ve patched up.”Everyone around them is wondering if this is the beginning of the end.


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