Ashmit’s next target… Pamela???

>> Monday, November 22, 2010

The “Baywatch” babe Pamela Anderson is finally adding some spice to Indian reality show “Bigg Boss 4″. After grooving to Bollywood number ‘Dhak dhak karne lagaa’, she went ahead and sunbathed and mind you… She wasn’t alone. Actor Ashmit Patel joined her.
Anderson, who entered the show Tuesday night, wore a short blue spaghetti top teamed with skin tight shorts as she sunbathed in the garden of the “Bigg Boss” house in Lonavala, said a source.
Ashmit, her biggest fan in the house, joined her. He chose to remain bare bodied, and wore a blue and fluorescent orange trunks.
Ever since Anderson entered the show, Ashmit and model Hrishant Goswami have been smitten by her, and trying to gain attention.
In the meantime, the 43-year-old international star, as been trying everything Indian – including the dress, food and the typical Bollywood dance.
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